El Cazador de la Bruja parody episode 24

Meeting your online friends in real life can be a big step, and it’s an even bigger one when you choose to come face to face with your cybersex partners. Nonetheless, Rosenberg is determined to try the real deal with Ricardo and LA, but will they be as compatible as their online personas?

I love the way Bee Train lets you feel up close and personal with the action.

“A long and boring journey, in fact.”

“For I am all-knowing, handsome and also terribly modest.”

“Now, taste my superior Gun!”

“You can’t shoot me- I’m a main character!”

“Why are you collapsing? I’m the one he shot at!”

“I’m just that good- I can induce Pleasure merely by being close to someone.”

“Oh, and did I mention that I am also the mastermind behind this entire series?”

“You’re the one responsible for this endless monotony?”

“People have suggested that there must have been a less convoluted way to proceed, but I don’t listen to those fools.”

“I even arranged for the two of you to get all that HARD YURI business out of your systems so you would be ready to embrace BI.”

“When the time was right, he would show you how men like to be Pleasured.”

LA tries to cover up his disappointment when his latest blind date proves to be somewhat underwhelming.

In a desperate effort to salvage the situation, he strikes up a conversation.

“All I want is to make Ellis a BI partner worthy of me!”

“BI? What’s all this about BI?”

“Ah, it seems an old HARD GAY partner of mine is here.”

“Although if truth be known, we’ve only ever had phone sex.”

“You told me I was your one and only!”

“Surely you knew those were sweet nothings!”

“And now I’m afraid I have a prior engagement at the final boss location- farewell.”

“Hi, we’re back on our continuing search for names and a purpose.”

“Why are bubbles floating past? What’s the point of anything anymore?”

“Oh hello, I just happened to be enjoying a spot of bubble-blowing, as you do.”

“Now, let us have HARD GAY.”

“NOOOO!!! I don’t want HARD GAY with you!”

“Stop violating me!”

“Just relax, and you will feel the Pleasure.”

“There- it isn’t so bad now, is it?”

“I was the one who first taught you the ways of Pleasure.”

“Let us attain a climax.”

(“Another lover conquered, gwakaka!”)

“He wanted to find ways of enhancing Pleasuring techniques.”

“None of his colleagues were up to his exacting standards.”

“He became so depressed that he barely noticed when the removals men made a mess of his office.”

“In the end, he died during a particularly dangerous bout of Hyper Self Pleasure.”

“Yes, he truly is a well developed antagonist.”

“Does he think her powers will help reach new levels of BI?”

“That’s obscene!”

“Ah, nothing like eating in the middle of nowhere to really sharpen the digestion.”

“LA, the new Liang I fitted to you is just perfect!”

“Yes, what a fine figure of a man you have become.”

“Now, here are the instructions for the next technique I want to try…”

“Bad news- Rosenberg has seduced LA!”

“I refuse to believe it- I’m the one he wants!”

“You shouldn’t go there without a main character!”

“Face it, Nadie, you’re too useless to tag along.”

“And besides, this is a conflict between men.”

Let’s play Spot the Character.

HARD GAY commences.

“This is not just Pleasure…this is M&S Intense Pleasure.”

“Is there time for a spot of break dancing?”

“What are you doing? You’re damaging my Liang!”

“Why do I keep waking up in the middle of nowhere? Is it the drugs?”

“And what was I doing having HARD GAY? I am committed to BI with Ellis!”

“Your partner is me!”

“Fatal HARD GAY!”

“That was unsatisfying- Lirio, service me!”

“These supporting characters are taking up our screen time- let’s leave them behind for the finale!”

Next episode

“What do you think of my new outfit? I got it in the John Lewis sale.”

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