Shounen Onmyouji parody episode 19

Narrator: Last episode had absolutely no bearing whatsoever on the plot, so let’s forget it happened and show clips of some earlier episodes instead!

In a cave somewhere, an evil force is plotting.

Evil: Gwakaka, I must become king and rule this pathetic world! I’m not sure why, it’s just what we villains do!

Masahiro and Akiko discuss the birth of a new Imperial heir, and the convenient sister who took Akiko’s place in the harem.

Akiko: I know she’s only a minor character of plot convenience, but I do feel a little guilty about sending her off to the palace. If only I could see her just once.

Mokkun: As it turns out, Genbu has a special ability called Water Mirror that will let you do just that.

Masahiro heads out to the Onmyou dorms, but many people are absent due to a cold.

Masahiro: Looks like there’s a cold going round.

Mokkun: I hope that isn’t going to be the main theme of this episode, or else we’ll know the writers are really scraping the barrel.

Toshitsugu arrives, coughing and spluttering.

Toshitsugu: I’m ill, but I just had to get my screen time this episode, and they’ve even let me do a bit of foreshadowing. Masahiro, you will soon lose something precious to you.

(Masahiro: Could he be talking about…THAT? Surely not!)

Back home, Seimei talks with Seiryu.

Seimei: Seiryu, I think the current evil may be my old enemy from fifty years ago.

Seiryu: But I thought we defeated him.

Seimei: It looks like only main character power can defeat him, and someone somewhere didn’t see fit to make me the main character.

Elsewhere, Kazane is again contacted by her master via the crow.

Crow: Kazane, the time has come to move the plot ahead. Open the gates of evil!

Kazane: Why are we doing this again?

Crow: Back story comes later- now shut up and obey me!

Masahiro awakens from a dream in which Mokkun is running away and he cannot follow. He picks up Mokkun.

Masahiro: That was terrible! Don’t ever run away, Mokkun- I can’t handle battles without you!

Mokkun: I’m sorry, but since they bothered to animate this dream, it must have some kind of plot importance.

Masahiro: You know, I’ve been wondering- just why do you stay in that form when you could be a humanoid all the time like the other Spirit Summons?

Mokkun: It’s because I’m so darned cute.

The next day, Masahiro is leaving for the dorms when Seimei stops him.

Seimei: Masahiro, according to my predictions some events of plot importance are about to befall you.

Masahiro: Really?

Seimei: Yes, and they could be quite dangerous, so if you ever feel that you need to hand over the mantle of main character, I’d be glad to help out.

Meanwhile, Kazane is at the palace with the young princess Himemiya.

Himemiya: I hate being a female character! We always get shafted in favour of the boys.

Kazane: I know how you feel…now use your hatred to bring forth a monster of the week!

A black smoke rises up and destroys several minor Pokemon before turning into a blob demon. At the same time, Masahiro and Seimei wake up.

Seimei: I sense a miasma of evil- something is surely about to go wrong. Masahiro, Mokkun, Genbu, Taiin, Rikugou- move out!

Genbu, Taiin and Rikugou go to the source of the miasma, and encounter the Blob Demon.

Taiin: That thing’s too hideous- I refuse to fight it!

Rikugou: Fine, I’ll do it- Equip Spear!

Kazane joins the enemy party.

Kazane: Sorry, but I can’t have you finishing this battle too soon, or the producers will go spare!

Kazane engages Rikugou. The other two are left to deal with the blob.

Taiin: Damn this ugly blob! Mini-Tornado!

Genbu: Wall of Water!

Whilst the blob is defeated, Rikugou uses Steal Accessory to acquire Kazane’s magatama necklace.

Rikugou: Hmm, this doesn’t really go with my outfit- here, have it back. And you know, you’d really have a better time of it if you joined us.

The evil crow, Ryuusai, appears.

Ryuusai: Kazane, don’t go soft just because he isn’t attacking you! You can advance greatly as a minor and disposable mid-boss of evil! We can destroy the world for no good reason together!

Kazane and the crow make their escape. Meanwhile, Masahiro visits the palace and discovers that a curse has been cast on the Mikado’s family- and back home, Akiko falls unconscious from it too.

Masahiro: Akiko! Don’t fall under yet another negative status effect!

To be continued…

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