Tuesday Rumble: October 16th

chibi-dii-blog.pngWelcome to the MANLY world of Tuesday Rumble, starring Akagi and Kaiji, two shows that demonstrate that GAR can be enjoyable too. We’ve also neglected a couple of features due to yet another week of laziness and lack of time, but we promise you won’t even notice.Clannad- Exciting things that must be happening in those cut-off margins

The news that Clannad’s widescreen version would not premiere until a month after its 4×3 showing has angered many, and by looking at the screencap above, we can see why- no one wants to miss out on views of desks and classroom windows. That being said, let’s just imagine what sort of delights might be available in those hidden sections.

  • Gratuitous fanservice.
  • Hidden anime-only characters!
  • Snipers trying to pick off the main characters.
  • Fat cats.
  • Papillon in a thong.

Kaiji rips off Yu-Gi-Oh! For shame!

It has come to our attention that the gambling anime Kaiji, which just started airing, is not as original as it seems- it is actually a rip-off of Yu-Gi-Oh! Let’s parody the first two episodes whilst we look at the evidence.

Hey, what’s my laptop doing on here?

He does have a point…

“I’ll tell you what I want- what I really, really want.”

On Kaiji, Kaiji is forced to go on a mysterious ship in order to erase his debts, whilst in the first arc of Yu-Gi-Oh, Yugi took a mysterious ship to Duellist Island to get his grandfather’s soul back.

Admittedly, in Yu-Gi-Oh the ship was floating through the depths of heck.

Wait, isn’t that a Nippon Ichi SRPG spell for curing status effects?

Any excuse to frisk a fit male body.

“Listen very carefully, I will say this only once.”

These stars greatly resemble the star chips used on Duellist Island.

They’re even playing card games to win stars!

“But- but Yu-Gi-Oh is all about the power of friendship!”

Yep, this is definitely just like Yu-Gi-Oh.

Random Thoughts: Furude RikarnThis week, we interview Furude Rika from Higurashi, and spoilers will most certainly be involved! So, Rika, what was it like living the same events over and over again?

Incredibly boring, if it must be known, and of course getting killed over and over isn’t nice. When I took this job, I had no idea how repetitive it was going to be, but at least it’s made me famous.

Does it ever disturb you that technically you’re an ancient person stuck in the body of a child?

Of course it does- I want to grow up, damn it!

All your friends got to go on killing sprees- didn’t you ever wish that you could do the same to relieve the stress?

Many times, but then I realised that everything would just reset once I was done.

Don’t you think “Himanizawa Syndrome” is a bit ridiculous?

Don’t even ask me to defend the writers on that one.

And finally, how do you really feel about Satoko?

Don’t get me started- I have never met a character more annoying in both her happy and miserable arcs. If you must know, I was the one who secretly encouraged the town to hate her, and when I was pretending to be her friend, I was really just isolating her from everyone else.

This Week in Anime

It’s like every series has to have a bartender these days.


I never knew I had my own bar…

Oranges are evolving personalities of their own.

Even so, it isn’t helping them to win the war.

Anime World Tour: Akagi

Welcome to a world filled to the brim with GAR and MANLINESS, so much so that even women would grow a pair if they entered it. In this yakuza-dominated world, the main (and indeed only) pastime to indulge in is mah-jongg, and for those of you who have already mastered the normal game, fear not, for there are all sorts of crooked and fixed matches to participate in. Whether you fancy trying to outsmart your opponent with glass tiles, bet your own lifeblood on a match, or just switch their hand when they aren’t looking, we have every variation of mah

In Your Reflection

This week we have a head-to-head between two quiet young women- Maggie from R.O.D. the TV and Sakaki from Azumanga Daioh. Both are good-natured yet somewhat introverted, and totally committed to their most beloved pastime (books for Maggie, cute things for Sakaki).

Amusing Search Terms

This week, a misguided but conservation-minded internet user asks “Are Wolves Going Extinct?”. A question worth looking into, indeed, but other people have more pressing queries, such as “Is Koutetsu Sangokushi Gay?”.

Old favourites: Romance of the Three Kingdoms Goes Hentai

Full moon wo sagashite animated banners: not here, sorry.

The samaga com: Am I stupid for completely failing to grasp what this is?

ANIME BABY ANIME: yeah baby, anime!

good charm school witch storys: might as well fit everything you want into one anime.

“Ikkitousen ” NAKED: I love the way “naked” is capitalised to add emphasis.

what Mercutio looked like from Romeo and: Who’s Mercutio again? …(yeah, that was irony- it’s like goldy and bronzy, only made of iron).

harvest moon were is the gods drop: Er, don’t look at me.

anime(dreams vs. reality): I dream of the perfect anime…

I have seen the end and no one survived,: oh noes! The end is nigh!

Amusing Spam


I”m going to look into this and let you know what I find….”

Good for you.



How cute…a piano.

“libido for women…

It is wearisome striving to compute the hours we”ve invested searching for libido articles….”

And sometimes, spam just makes me laugh.

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  1. manga says:

    Strawberry Sundae :p I think I´ll order one of those next time I´m at a bar, just to see the look on their faces.

    To bad Dante had to have those on a regular basis, since it made him look like a complete jerk.

  2. unknown says:

    In fact, i would prefer tosay that it is Yugiho wich is a ripp-off of Kayji : the gambling apocalypse. Actually, the two mangas was released at the same time (1996) but the Pegazus arc was written several years later.

  3. Karura says:

    unknown: It’s actually meant to be a joke.

  4. Necromancer says:

    You’re missing another link between Yu-Gi-Oh! and Kaiji, the big suited guys wearing shades 8D

  5. Infiny says:

    Wait, isn’t that a Nippon Ichi SRPG spell for curing status effects?

    ROFL that was my first thought when I heard that D:

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