Maria-sama ga Miteru OVA 5: Go Italia!

Yumi and the other second years are venturing out from under the thumbs of their dominant onee-samas, but what kind of things will they get up to in cosmopolitan Italy? Will they try out new and exciting kinds of HARD YURI, or will the memory of their mistresses keep them on the straight and narrow?

“Did you really suggest we should have HARD YURI here in public?”

“No, I specifically told you not to do that!”

(“Damn, my shocked reaction must have made her embarrassed at suggesting it.”)

“Anyway, what would you like me to buy you when I’m in Italy?”

“Well, last year I saw some sex toys on sale, but the teacher never left us alone long enough for me to buy them.”

“Can you please try to get me at least one kinky piece of bedroom equipment?”

“You do know I’m under eighteen and can’t enter certain shops, right?”

“I’m sure you’ll find a way.”

Note Sachiko’s look of possessive seduction.

“That means it’s just the two of us.”

“Then let’s waste no time in having some quick Pleasure.”

“Don’t you want HARD YURI with me?”

(“Of course I do, but I’m sick of always being the submissive one! Still, if that’s what Mistress, I mean Rei wants…”)

Shimako feels left out when Yumi and Yoshino return from a liaison.

“Yumi takes a while to get aroused.”

“I bet you’re more of a swift lover, aren’t you, Yoshino?”

“That doesn’t mean I want HARD YURI right now!”

“Yumi, I can show you ways to get your motor running faster.”

“Hmm, if they don’t want HARD YURI now, I’ll have to wait until we’re on the plane and there’s nowhere to run.”

“But I don’t want anyone to accuse me of taking them against their will…”

“…hot lesbian chicks!”

“It’s like we’re five year olds!”

“It’s just to make it more boring.”

“All right, we’re here- time to try some of that fabled Italian Pleasure!”

“Is buying a pen too extreme? The excitement, the unpredictability- the viewers just aren’t ready for it!”

“Now that we’re away from our onee-samas, let’s decide who gets to have a go at being dominant!”

Note how the two single beds have been pushed together for ease of access.

“Now let’s get straight down to HARD YURI!”

There is clearly no time to waste.

“Yumi, you may be a slow starter, but once you get going, it is most Pleasurable.”

“Glad to oblige.”

“Regular HARD YURI is what female friends are for, isn’t it?”

Yumi gets excited at the prospect of seeing Yoshino naked in the bath.

“Should I take a peek?”

“I didn’t realise you wanted to bathe with me.”

“Those Italians will have Pleasure at the drop of a hat.”

“It’s even acceptable to ask for service from random beggars.”

(“…they just experiment with everything!”)

She does have a point.

“The collar and chain fit perfectly!”

“I’m not sure where Sachiko got our bondage gear, to be honest.”

“This dominatrix outfit would really spice things up in the bedroom.”

“A brand new method we can try!”

“Of course, we’ll need to find submissives to try it out on when we get back.”

“Of course I’m not cheating on you!”

“I can’t bear to be away from onee-sama’s whip for a whole week!”

“One day I won’t have her at all!”

“She doesn’t know about our kinky secret affair.”

“Hello everyone, I’m here for a gratuitous cameo- I hope you remember my name.”

“Now come with me to a secluded place, little girls.”

“I imagine women’s naked bodies, soaping themselves…”

“…group HARD YURI.”

“As Lilian students, I knew you would all be willing to participate.”

“Thank you for making this group HARD YURI so good, Shimako.”

“Hey, could I have HARD YURI with you too?”

“Yumi, it isn’t right for a submissive like you to come on so strong.”

“Could it be that you don’t want me to be dominant, but would prefer that we were bedroom equals?”

“If you’re ready to try dominant, you should get your own petite soeur.”

“And make the most of being submissive- it won’t last forever.”

What an eloquent postcard.

“I’ve reached the screen time limit for a minor character, so I must go now.”

“Evil possessive witch queen Touko, or androphobic lesbian stalker Kanako?”

“I know it must be hard to choose between two such attractive offers, but one day you must pick one or the other.”

Beware the scary talking bird.

Neo Venezia Venice is briefly glimpsed.

I neglected to mention it before, but there was also a bizarre and pointless sub plot about Sei following the girls to Italy to keep an eye on them from the shadows.

“My gaydar definitely picked her up.”

“Hello, I’m back from the most boring Italian holiday ever- and I brought you something special.”

“Nude photos of me and Yoshino!”

“Will I be the only one who gets to see these?”

“Well, actually, I sent some to Touko and Kanako.”

“You realise that they might want HARD YURI if you carry on like this?”

“HARD YURI, BI, I’m up for it all- that’s why I sent photos to the boys as well.”

“The way you come onto everyone in sight.”

“I think I’ll ask for high resolution prints of these nude images.”

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  1. Zyl says:

    Definitely misandric lesbian stalker Kanako! LOL

  2. Machi says:

    I just love your parodies of this show seriously! It never fails to make me laugh.

  3. “How pudgy our lord Jesus has become.” LOL

    I misread the “bathroom” line to mean like a toilet room. Um, I hope she didn’t mean toilet room.

  4. julia says:

    that truly was the most boring trip to italy, that show really knows how to take the fun out of every experience. thank pudgy jesus thers gonna be more, they cant end it with THIS episode.

  5. V says:

    “Is buying a pen too extreme? The excitement, the unpredictability- the viewers just aren’t ready for it!”

    LOL. I love your parodies, don’t stop. 😀

  6. dad says:

    very good>>>


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