A quarter of a century ago…

The one named Karura arrived on this planet, and the world was changed forever- for little did anyone know that it was her destiny to wield the legendary sword and free the populace from the tyranny of the evil Dark Lord, whose sole purpose was to destroy the world.  Okay, so that part may not be strictly accurate, but let us join in the celebration of the inevitable process of aging, and admire the lovely picture created by Necromancer (dancing fanatics will note that the hold is reversed, but don’t be picky). Any gifts you might wish to send are welcomed, and indeed encouraged…my fat cat heavies will be round to collect them shortly.

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  1. natsuneko says:

    Happy Birthday Karura!

    Hehe, we share the same birthday, but you’re exactly 4 years older than me 😀

    Hope you will have a wonderful day, and get a lot of gifts and wishes today ^^;

    (and thanks to Necromancer for redirecting me here, I’ll also add the link to my entry as well, I find it cool when people share their bdays ^^)

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  3. Necromancer says:

    Happy Birthday again 😉 hopefully you’ll survive another year to get more gifts (not that you have a terminal disease or anything)


    Posting the link to the original picture I used to create your birthday pic just incase someone thinks I can actually draw

  4. Necromancer says:

    @natsuneko: You’ve just reminded me that Karura shares her birthday with her younger brother and I myself share my birthday with my twin brother, I hate sharing, lol

  5. Machi says:

    I heard this on the radio it was a rather touching birthday song…
    Once a year we celebrate,
    With stupid hats and plastic plates,
    The fact that you were able to make
    The trip around the sun.
    And the whole gang gathers round,
    And gifts and laughter do abound.
    And we let out a joyful sound
    And sing that stupid song.

    Happy birthday!
    Now you’re one year older.
    Happy birthday!
    Your life still isn’t over.
    Happy birthday!
    You did not accomplish much.
    But you didn’t die this year, I guess that’s good enough.

    So let’s drink to your fading health,
    And hope you don’t remind yourself,
    Your chance of finding fame and wealth,
    Decrease with every year.
    Cause if you feel you’re doing laps,
    And eating food and taking naps,
    And hoping that someday perhaps
    Your life may hold some cheer.

    Happy birthday!
    What have you done that matters?
    Happy birthday!
    You’re starting to get fatter.
    Happy birthday!
    It’s downhill from now on.
    Try not to remind yourself your best years are all gone.

    If cryogenics were all free,
    Then you could live like Walt Disney.
    And live for all eternity,
    inside a block of ice.
    But instead your time is set.
    This is the only life you get.
    And though it hasn’t ended yet,
    Sometimes you wish it might.

    Happy birthday!
    You wish you had more money.
    Happy birthday!
    Your life s so sad it s funny.
    Happy birthday!
    How much more can you take?
    But your friends are hungry, so just cut the stupid cake.

    Oh and I found the music video on youtube what luck~

  6. Michael says:


    You are a lot older than me, woah. D:


  7. Sasa says:

    Ai ai, I’m so late with my birthday greeting now because I fell asleep before the computer… But lest it keep me up from wishing you all the best!

    Hopefully we’ll see more of your postings in the next quarter-century of your life as well. Cheers!

  8. manga says:

    Happy birthday Karura!!
    Only one year older than me.

    Have fun at your party 🙂 Hope you get a lot of gifts.

  9. Hige says:

    Happy birthday mrs. Hope your day was grand :3

  10. Karura says:

    Thanks for the kind wishes, everyone, and happy birthday to you too, natsuneko 🙂

    Machi: what a great song, and so true…

    Sasa: I can now imagine my fifty year old self sitting down to blog about the latest anime- “anime isn’t what it was when I was young…”

    Necromancer: Sharing is good for stuff like chores ;p but when it comes to the chocolate cake, it’s all mine!

  11. KaMen says:

    Happy birthday and merry crhristmas.

  12. IKnight says:

    Many happy returns (plus best Christmas wishes).

  13. Hanners says:

    Belatedly, happy birthday!!!

    I would offer up various gifts, but really, what better gift is there to give than a ‘Blog comment? (Please, don’t answer that question!)

  14. Neriya says:

    Happy birthday 🙂

  15. Machi says:

    It is a great song Karura~ But… not something you’d want sung to you in public XD

  16. hayase says:

    Belated Happy Birthday, Karura!

    (Also, nice to know there’s someone else in my age range hehehe.)

  17. Owen S says:

    Happy belated birthday! Christmas has been simply busy for me, sorry I didn’t see this sooner. Hope you had a great one. (:

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