Shounen Onmyouji parody episode 23

Masahiro is slowly recovering.

(Masahiro: Mokkun, why did you have to go? How am I going to level up now?)

Despite not being fully recovered, Masahiro decides to go out that night anyway. He meets up with the Demon Carriage and the minor Pokemon.

Masahiro: If I stay in bed too long, somebody will take my place as main character! Please take me to Kifune so that I can advance the plot instead.

Masahiro is taken to Kifune, where he talks with Takao.

Masahiro: Please, tell me how I can get Guren to rejoin my party.

Takao: Well, it’s not actually supposed to be possible since he’s been engulfed by evil and in danger of turning into a hideous monster, but I’m sure the power of love or some such plot contrivance will save the day.

Masahiro: Really?

Takao: Not that it matters if he dies anyway- he’ll just revive again, albeit without his memories of this series. Of course, not everyone would consider that a bad thing, but again, I’m sure you can defy the rules with special plot powers.

Masahiro: I will! I won’t let Mokkun die!

Takao: What a shame- if you clear him out of your party, there’ll be a spare slot for me and my amazing powers to join.

As Masahiro passes out, Kouchin appears to collect him.

Kouchin: He doesn’t need you in his party- he has us.

(Kouchin: The last thing we need is someone else competing for screen time!)

A few days later, Masahiro’s stamina bar has started to refill, so he decides to go to the Onmyou dorms.

Toshitsugu: Masahiro, you don’t look well- you should go home and rest up so that we supporting characters can have your screen time.

As Masahiro goes home, his brother Narichika approaches him.

Narichika: Hey brother, can you come over to my house so that my family can have some screen time?

(Masahiro: Screen time, screen time, screen time- what is their obsession?)

Later, Masahiro goes to Kifune again.

Masahiro: Look, I’ve thought it over, and I’m going to as you to join my party after all- that way I can seriously level up.

Takao: Well, since I’m Level 99 already, I’ve decided not to bother actually joining the party- I’ll just give you this special ability, Flame of Kagutsuchi.

Masahiro: What is this, Mai-HiME?

Takao: I wish- now, you’ll also need to equip Suzaku’s sword in order to use it.

Masahiro goes home to talk to Seimei.

Masahiro: Grandfather, I’ve been given special God Mode powers in order to defeat the final boss.

Seimei: I see.

(Seimei: Damn! This is the last nail in the coffin of my plan to become the main character!)

Masahiro makes preparations for the final dungeon.

Masahiro: Okay Mum, I’m going.

Mother: Okay dear.

Masahiro: Don’t you care about where I’m going, or how I got hurt last time?

Mother: Not really, no.

Masahiro equips Black Robe and Seimei’s Beads.

Seimei: Since you’re the main character, I’ll just leave this incredibly difficult and life-threatening mission to you. Good luck.

Masahiro and the Shinshou leave.

To be continued…

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  1. KaMen says:

    Ok, I finally started to watch the final episodes of Shounen Omyouji. The anime itself is amusing (though I can’t really remember what happened in the past episodes, since it was months ago I watched them).

    After I watch such episode, I scroll to your blog to read the parodies for the laughs I didn’t get during the episodes.
    I hope you do more series in the future >.>

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