Shounen Onmyouji parody episode 24

We begin with a Flashback Mode, in which Chishiki no Guuji works on turning Kazane evil.

Kazane: Why am I all alone?

Chishiki no Guuji: You are a mere rejected main character idea, pushed aside in favour of Abe no Seimei and his family. Your mother disappeared and your father died, but because it was the wrong way round, they claimed your rightful place as lead!

Whilst Taiin uses Tornado to take Masahiro’s party to Izumo, Seimei stays at home to write.

(Seimei: I’m going to write to the director, the producer and everyone else to complain about how I never got to become the main character! If they don’t listen, I’ll refuse to sign a contract for any more seasons!)

Seiryu watches him.

Seiryu: What are you doing?

Seimei: Oh, nothing much. What about you- are you really going to kill Guren?

Seiryu: Of course! How dare he hog all the screen time when I’m so much better looking?

Masahiro’s party reaches Izumo.

Masahiro: Damn, the entrance to the dungeon isn’t here- we’re going to have to explore the map some more.

Kouchin: That would just waste our time with random encounters. Taiin, use your Wind Search ability to find where we need to go.

Taiin: I have that ability? Why did we never use it before?

Meanwhile, Kazane awakens to see her crow, Kai, is alive and well, albeit minus its evil second head.

Kai: You’re awake, Princess.

Kazane: You can talk?

Kai: Yes, they only just now cast a voice actor for me. Now, time is running out, so you must find out the truth by following me down this forbidden tunnel.

Kazane: But I’m not allowed down there, just in case I find out some disturbing secrets!

Kai: That’s the whole point- now come on.

Kazane follows Kai into a cave filled with stalactites and stalagmites.

Kazane: Oh my god! Just over there a stalactite and stalagmite have merged to become one! Oh, and my mother’s sealed inside too.

Kai: Since you haven’t figured it out yet, I should probably tell you that Chishiki no Guuji is the villain, not Seimei.

Kazane: Even though the evidence is right in front of my eyes, I just don’t know what to believe!

Chishiki no Guuji arrives and attacks the crow.

Chishiki no Guuji: I thought I told you not to come in here, my most important and completely unguarded cave!

When he sees the Chigaeshi no Miko, however, Ryuusai’s original personality struggles to break through.

Ryuusai: MIKOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

Chishiki no Guuji: Shut up, Ryuusai- you’re supposed to be dead. Now, Kazane, as the series is coming to an end, shall we get down to business? I need you to break the first seal on the underworld.

Kazane: You- you’re evil, aren’t you?

Chishiki no Guuji: What gave it away? Was it the ugliness, the evil laugh, the desire to destroy the world for no good reason? Anyway, I shall now release your sealed powers!

After explaining himself in the way all villains must, Chishiki no Guuji undoes the seal he put on Kazane. She gets caught in a Flashback Mode of how zombies attacked her and her mother.

Chishiki no Guuji: Now, Seal Break!

Chishiki no Guuji uses Kazane’s powers to break the first seal on the underworld.

Chishiki no Guuji: Gwakakaka! Everything is going to plan!

Chishiki no Guuji summons Guren and they both head off to break the second seal.

Kazane: All this time…I was working for evil!

As demons from the underworld show up to eat Kazane, Kai appears.

Kai: Previously unmentioned magical powers!

Kai somehow teleports Kazane to the surface before the demons feast upon him. She starts to walk away, but a slime stabs her, and other demons move in for the kill. Fortunately, Masahiro’s party appears in time to rescue her.

Rikugou: Spear ex machina!

Masahiro: Input Spell Command! Destruction!

Taiin: Cyclone!

Genbu: Wind Slash!

The demons are defeated.

Masahiro: That’s some good EXP!

Kouchin: Rikugou will have to leave the party to care for Kazane. Let’s carry on.

Kazane: Rikugou, I’m sorry- I should have turned to the side of good earlier.

Rikugou: Actually, this has no bearing on anything, but my true name is Saiki.

Kazane: If only I were a main character, a wound like this would be nothing.

Kazane dies, or possibly just passes out. Meanwhile, Masahiro’s party reaches the cave of the second seal, where Seimei, Byakko and Seiryu join the party. They head inside for a boss battle with Chishiki no Guuji.

To be continued…

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