Persona Trinity Soul parody part 2

Episodes 4-6

Shin discovers Jun’s secret stash of porn.

“It was like that when I got here, honest!”

“Yeah, right.”

“You know, even if the chief is in a good mood today, that’s no guarantee that he’ll give us HARD GAY.”

“While we’re on the subject, was he any good last night?”

“Hey brother, can we return to our days of simple brocon?”

“Back in those days, you barely had an Ezo.”

“Speak for yourself!”

“You should have regular medical check-ups to make sure your Liang is still in good working order.”

“It’s in great condition.”

Shin wonders if he and Ryou would get closer to each other if they had HARD GAY.

“If you want HARD GAY, I suggest you try these techniques.”

“I’ll even pay for a lover for you.”

“Why can’t you do it with us?”

“If there’s one thing I hate, it’s being forced to take a lover.”

“But we’re brothers- this sort of thing is expected!”

“At least take a look at my Liang before rejecting me!”

“I don’t want to look at it.”

“Damn, I’m not even in the mood for phone sex now.”

“If Brother doesn’t want HARD GAY with me, it can only mean that he has some awesome porn on his computer.”

“Ooh, and a calling card for phone sex too- jackpot!”

“No human can even satisfy my kinky desires!”

“Little help, please- my camera has fallen over!”

“Wow, what a great Hyper Self Pleasure session.”

Panic ensues as Viagra suppliers start disappearing.

“Sorry, you have to pay extra for the higher resolution porn.”

“Here, just enter your credit card details and take another look.”

“But if you think that looks good- you should have seen it in real life!”

“Hey, can you download this to my iPod?”

“…we mustn’t use his account to download porn anymore!”

“This is too good to pass up.”

“Don’t forget the list of HARD GAY partners, then.”

“He’s not a great lover, but he’s so loud you’d think the earth moved or something.”

“Are you off to a HARD GAY bar again?”

“My Liang needs action!”

“I guess my Liang was just too big for him.”

“Are you the one who’s been stealing Viagra?”

“They just won’t give it up whilst they’re still alive- it’s pathetic.”

“Hey, why don’t you and I have some HARD GAY?”

“I guarantee you’ll enjoy the experience.”

“You’re not my type!”

“Then how about I just castrate you!”

“Damn, he had his way with me after all!”

“You saw him doing it to me, didn’t you?”

“Brother, I’m supposed to be the main character, but people keep having their way with me.”

“They like kinky HARD GAY.”

“…and, uh, so do I.”

“Those guys have gone off for HARD GAY again!”

“If the entire male population of the school turns HARD GAY, we won’t be able to get boyfriends!”

“Is HARD GAY really so bad?”

“It’s not safe!”

“Have you ever had Pleasure?”

“It’s not so bad, you know.”

“The world’s Zhugest Liang?”

“Show it to me at once!”

“But if you’re lying to me and it’s just an Ezo, I’m going to be so disappointed!”

“I guess he just wasn’t up for the sorts of rough Pleasure I enjoy.”

“See, I told you they were having HARD GAY!”

“I can’t seem to control myself when it comes to HARD GAY.”

“I haven’t reached the heights of phone Pleasure yet.”

“…is your Liang and its capacity for Pleasure.”

“In time, your Liang will be damaged beyond repair!”

“I guess it’s just plain old man-on-man again, then.”

“Is there something wrong with my HARD GAY?”

“Well, to be honest, you’re just not as good as you used to be.”

“Our plans to turn BI have been dashed!”

“It is truly a shame.”

“Shin, you have to take action or minor characters will keep forcing you to have Pleasure!”

Like they say, there’s a Starbooks on every street.

“If the girls won’t come to us, I’ll just have to go and pick them up.”

“Excuse me, but how do you feel about BI?”

“I only have time for a quick phone session today.”

“It’s no good, I just can’t get aroused right now- let’s try again later.”

With phone HARD GAY not doing the trick for Ryou, he decide to try a spot of BI.

“I don’t want the men to know I’m attracted to women as well.”

“I can’t believe I paid so much for this low resolution nude phone wallpaper!”

“There’s no way a bunch of HARD GAY guys like can provide the public with adequate STRAIGHT!”

“The people need their STRAIGHT!”

“We can’t ask children to do it!”

That’s it, little boy- run from the suspiciously HARD GAY men.

“Fine, then- I’ll just have BEAR instead!”

Thanks to their cunning disguise, Shin has trouble recognising his own classmates.

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    So funny ^_^
    LOL at “See, I told you they were having HARD GAY!”

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    Hilarious as always 🙂

    If you get the chance, play the game Persona 3 and make a parody on some of the lines that are said there :p

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