Tuesday Rumble: April 8th

The world of lost save data- where does it go?

Way back in the days of .hack//SIGN, Bear wondered if the game worlds where you lose and switch off the power actually continue somewhere, and now we must wonder the same of lost save data- do those gaming realities still exist somewhere? Are there existences where the gaming characters must continue on in their own little worlds, bereft of help from the player? If the hero character is dead, is the world of NPCs condemned to a life of oppression under the main villain? Does nothing exist until we save it, or do those worlds carry on without us even if we just reset the game? Are we being irresponsible in filling the universe with invisible gaming realities? Be sure to think of these things next time you save your game…

Shigofumi 12

“This is a good place for Pleasure.”

“That explains the high visitor numbers, then.”

“I’m just not used to having a live streaming feed of our Pleasure broadcast on the internet!”

“If you just fake it, you won’t please anyone.”

“It’s too late to say that after you had the operation!”

Spice and Wolf- giant mugs

Look at those mugs- they’re bigger than the plates!

Come on- he can almost get his head in there!

Hmm, how did they shrink back down to normal size?

This Week in Anime

The baseball team are rather shocked by Azusa’s violent approach to Pleasure.

Not to be confused with Sherlock Holmes, which it bears no resemblance to whatsoever.

Take note of the background sign and keep your ears cool at all times.

“Aagh, the watermelon people are attacking!”

“Don’t worry- I’ll defend us!”

“You were meant to smash the melon, not the melon-man!”

Shuuei is caught having some surreptitious HORSE.

Could this be…the legendary Apple Heaven?

“I have an apple brought directly from Apple Heaven!”

“Who cares about apples when we have peaches?”

“Those apple bastards are moving fast- the Orange Society needs to be ready for them!”

A secret strawberry stronghold is raided.

…but can anyone stand up to the might of the pepper army?

“Punyu!” [I’ll squeeze those lemons!”]

Kaiji takes time out of his gambling schedule for a little HARD GAY.

“You should go on Dragons’ Den.”

People are smoking them, building houses with them- they’ll be eating them next!

“The question being ‘what part of a woman do I like best?’”

Game Review: Bookworm

Before I talk more about Bookworm, I’d just like to say that there’s a new game up at Eyezmaze– Grow Nano vol 3. This time around, you have to click the right order of items to help the sick man recover all his health- the creator apologises for it being so short (he’s been ill himself), but it’s still fun for all Grow fans.

Anyway, to get back to Bookworm, this game is for all you wordsmiths out there. The aim of the game is to join up letter tiles in the grid to make words (the longer the better)- get a particularly long word and a bonus green or gold tile will drop in, but keep making short words and red tiles will appear. Red tiles burn through the letters beneath them every turn until they reach the bottom- at which point they it’s game over as they burn your entire library.

If you’re a fan of Scrabble and its ilk, then Bookworm is definitely the one for you, although admittedly it can get quite time consuming. The free version is enjoyable enough, but there’s also a full version with some expanded features for dedicated bookworms.

Mini-rant: ANN commandment “You shall not disagree!”

A while ago, I ranted about ANN’s Answerman, but sadly even this attempt to get the anger out my system was not enough, and so I am back to once again rant about one of the anime world’s best known news and review sites. You see, while I cannot deny ANN’s usefulness in the news department at least, whenever I venture onto the forums, I am left with an unfavourable impression- and it isn’t because of newbie users singing the praises of Naruto.

Instead, my problem lies with the administration, and indeed largely, once more, with Answerman himself. You see, whilst I appreciate that it can be tedious to hear users spouting out the same potentially misguided opinions again and again, on the forums, it seems that it is nigh forbidden to disagree with the gods of ANN. Such paragons of wisdom are they that if anyone dares to hold an opinion they do not approve of, they seem to consider it fair game to shoot them down in flames. The poor misguided souls who cannot appreciate the world from their hallowed viewpoint are little more than cannon fodder for their sarcasm and acid tongues, and to me it makes the forum quite an unpleasant place to venture into. Yes, a sarcastic putdown here and there can be most satisfying and effective, but surely not to the extent of attempting to browbeat every user into becoming one’s adoring sycophant. Why not try listening to differing opinions instead of steamrollering them with some pathetic attempt at wit?

Reverse Harem of the week: Yui (Fushigi Yugi)

The main character’s best friend and rival, she attempts to build a harem of her own but ultimately fails due to a lack of destined powers.


Tamahome: Temporarily falls for Yui whilst under the influence of drugs, but breaks free thanks to his feelings for Miaka.

Nakago: Pretends to be in love with Yui in order to manipulate her, even going so far as to convince her she was raped.

Suboshi: Becomes absolutely devoted to Yui and turns into a raging psychotic maniac in order to protect her and further their cause.

Tetsuya: A friend of Miaka’s brother, he starts to feel protective towards her upon reading of her adventures in the Universe of the Four Gods, and subsequently gets closer to her upon her return to the real world.


Miaka: The main character, and thus ultimately unbeatable.

Soi: Nakago’s lover, she feels jealous of even the pretence of him loving Yui.

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