Weekly Round-Up: April 13th

Oh, it’s only tear gas, is it? That’s okay then.

Reviewed this week: Blassreiter 1, Chi’s Sweet Home 5-6, Itazura no Kiss 1, Kaiji 25, Kurenai 1, Tower of Druaga 1, xxxHOLiC Kei 1, Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei 8-9

…and in manga: .hack//Alcor 1-5. .hack//Link 2, Elfen Lied 84, REC bonus chapter, Spice and Wolf doujin, Tsubasa 187



  1. Kaiji (2) – ざわ, ざわ
  2. Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (3) – the state of modern society has left me in despair!
  3. Chi’s Sweet Home (7)- litter tray
  4. Kurenai (-) – Murasaki <- new!
  5. xxxHOLiC Kei (-) – wow, it’s actually good <- new!
  6. Persona Trinity Soul (5)- I really should catch up with this
  7. Shion no Ou (6) – Hani Meijin’s secret videos
  8. Itazura no Kiss (-) generic so far <- new!
  9. Tower of Druaga (-) – hahaha <- new!
  10. Blassreiter (-) – one man, one generic quest <-new!


  1. Tetsuko no Tabi (1)- is this ever going to be subbed?
  2. Gunslinger Girl- Il teatrino (-)- Marco <- demoted to slow
  3. Himawari!! (2) – needs less plot
  4. Love GetChu! (4)- light entertainment
  5. Shounen Onmyouji (5)- end in sight?

*NEW* Blassreiter 1: I don’t know why, but because Gonzo’s titles happen to be streaming on crunchyroll, it makes me feel “oh, I might as well watch that”. Anyway, Blassreiter seems to be some sort of Bubblegum Crisis wannabe, featuring Amalgam machine-creatures who can absorb, assimilate and generally go on rampages, and the one man who must fight them- ex motorcyclist Gerd. After losing the ability to walk and having to quit at the top of his career, Gerd chooses to take an untested drug that will give him the ability to walk again, albeit at the cost of also enabling him to turn into a machine monster. It has mediocre stamped through it, but I may watch it until better series arrive to fill my anime viewing time.

Chi’s Sweet Home 5-6: Only four minutes or so of Chi this week, but our cute little kitty has run into a new problem- getting into the hang of using the litter tray. Having mistaken the newspaper filled tray for a bed, Chi believes she is doing the right thing by relieving herself on soft objects such as laundry- will the purchase of some proper kitty litter help the situation? Has the subject of cat toilet habits ever been of so much interest?

*NEW* Itazura no Kiss 1: Had I not heard that the latter part of the series focuses on the main couple after they get married (unique enough to warrant a look), I probably wouldn’t have bothered with Itazura no Kiss, because so far it is playing out like a generic romance. Having been rejected by Lead Male, Lead Female declares her hatred for him in public, only to end up staying with his family when her house falls down; not only is the ease with which her house collapses rather disturbing, but so far there’s nothing to mark this out from the crowd. Here’s hoping for some improvement in the coming weeks.

Then he must be HARD GAY!

Kaiji 25: It’s been a few weeks, but the penultimate episode of Kaiji has been tackled, with most of the episode dedicated to build up before Kaiji and the chairman make their first draw. Naturally, our hero is relieved when the chairman draws a blank lot, but when he reaches his hand in to cheat, the pre-placed winning lot isn’t there! With the safety net of cheating now gone, the emotion finally ramps up, and even though it seems unlikely that Kaiji would lose four fingers, I now eagerly await the outcome.

*NEW* Kurenai 1: Despite my fears that having a little girl come and live with a high school student would turn this series into Chokotto Sister mark II, Kurenai has actually made a strong opening foray. Although I can’t really pass judgement until we see how the character dynamic between the two leads pan out (I’m also getting echoes of Seirei no Moribito here), so far the series has offered drama, tears and even a touch of comedy. Hopefully it will build on this start, although I’m a little wary of getting my hopes too high before the ‘shakedown period’ is over.

*NEW* Tower of Druaga 1: Last week, Machi said this was worth a try, and so despite my pre-season fears about what the bastard son of Gonzo and generic fantasy would turn out to be, I boldly ventured into the titular Tower of Druaga. In fact, episode one was rather refreshing, because even though it turned out to be a dream sequence, it was more ‘Monty Python does generic fantasy’ than anything else. With heroes dying the moment they dared announce they wanted to get married when they went back home, and a Dark Lord who turned out to be about three feet tall, the episode was largely entertaining, and I only hope the series can keep up the comedic tone.

*NEW* xxxHOLiC Kei 1: I know I swore that I would never dip my toes into the dull seas of xxxHOLiC anime again, but when Hige claimed that the opening episode of Kei was actually rather watchable, I decided to throw caution to the winds and give it a try. Luckily, it seems that lessons have been learned from season one, with crisper animation (still not perfect, but much better than before) and the start of the Watanuki’s eye arc heralding an upturn for an anime that was once so dull it caused me to lose the will to live. Here’s hoping the rest of the anime can use the later manga material to keep on the right track.

Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei 8-9: It’s great to be in despair once again with two more episodes of Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, complete with all sorts of hilarity as Nozomu is suspected of being a spy no matter what he does, promises come undone in a month and nothing is quite as 50/50 as it seems. Admittedly, parts of episode nine are a bit underwhelming, but episode eight is so amusing that it more than makes up for it. Roll on the next few episodes.


*NEW* .hack//Alcor 1-5: The .hack franchise grinds on with this single volume manga (of which I have one chapter left to read) about a World:r2 character named Nanase who longs to be up there with the named characters of GU. As always, the artwork is nice, but after reading it I was left with the feeling that the story hadn’t really gone anywhere, with all development saved for the last chapter. Ah well, it makes for a nice diversion and I’ll read any amount of .hack manga as an alternative to watching more Roots.

.hack//Link 2: Meanwhile, in The World:rX, Tokio has a fateful meeting with none other than the legendary player Kite, who despite having God Mode skills is still lacking in one thing- unlike Tokio, he isn’t physically in the game. Due to his unique status, Tokio is now the only one who can save The World (and perhaps the world too) from the latest threat, but can he really manage it when he doesn’t have the first clue what he’s doing? Stay tuned to find out.

Elfen Lied 84: It’s showdown time as Lucy turns psychotic and goes after the Diclonius clones, with yet more blood, ripped off body parts and the realisation that I’m slowly losing my grip on what’s going on. How can there be almost three more full volumes before this series concludes?

REC special chapter: A bonus chapter from volume four in which Matsumaru and Aka believe they have been asked to record voices for a Shin Angyo Onshi anime- although the actual script seems suspiciously different to anything from that series. It’s mildly amusing, and presumably more so if you’re familiar with Shin Angyo Onshi and kanji jokes.

Spice and Wolf doujin- Wolf Road: I don’t usually read doujins, but since manga offered to send me this, I figured it was worth a look. Like most doujins, the main aim is to get the main characters to sleep with each other (albeit this time with a twist in the tale, or should that be tail in Horo’s case?), but the artwork was good and the author seemed to capture Horo’s character well. Just don’t read it if you’re not a fan of, er, bodily fluids showering everywhere.

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle 187: Even though it means all the generic villagers will melt away and die, Syaoran and the others have made the decision to leave Groundhog Day town and head to the ruins where Sakura awaits. Of course, at the current pace it takes the entire chapter to walk out of the village, leaving any exciting developments for next time…or the time after that.

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6 Responses to Weekly Round-Up: April 13th

  1. Machi says:

    Erm sadly the episode which seems more real does still incorporate comedic elements but… It just seems pretty normal as they added the more serious tone or whatever you would call it I guess it is adding the normal tone, oh poor Nami from Zetsubo Sensei it seems normal is bad D:. So as Nami’s fear in Zetsubo Sensei the 2nd episode is… Normal, though IMO it wasn’t that bad really but you know then again the first few episodes of a Gonzo series is never really bad its more like it goes downhill midway. I feel kinda bad being so harsh to the Gonzo production <__>

    On a side note I have Soul Eater a shot and it was actually good, considering how I don’t really like Shounen anime, Bones did a pretty good job actually making the anime better than the manga if you compare the chapter to the episode. Kurenai looks interesting looks like its another title to try out~

  2. KaMen says:

    I request for a parody series of Kamen no Maid Guy.

  3. manga says:

    Oh my, did I give that as a recomendation to a girl…

    Must have been when the fever had gotten the better of me, that or me being sleepy :p

    On a more serious note, glad you “enjoyed” it so much so you wrote about it 🙂

    I was planning on writing a little somthing about it myself, but then I realised it would be pretty bad if my parents ever were to see that post… not the best thing in the world to find out your son is reading furry porn when you´re not watching…

    But then again, I could ask Sasa if I could write something about it on her blog. Idea to yet another post has claimed my head.

    Sorry if I´m just babbling, not completely healthy at the moment.

  4. Dorne says:

    Have you finished watching the rest of Blassreiter? I found it to be enjoyable, though I did have to get used to the 2d/3d environment.

  5. Karura says:

    I dropped it after 2 episodes, but it’s something I might finish up some time in the future.

  6. manga says:

    NO hard gay in Blassreiter, but do watch it for the hard incest :p
    Wait a moment, there are what could possibly be hard gay in blassreiter…

    It has taken a turn for the better at the moment. Mainly because of some stuff happening.

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