Persona Trinity Soul parody part 3

The time has come for our heroes to experiment with every type of Pleasure- HARD GAY, HARD YURI, BI, group sessions and even DOG- is nothing sacred from those lusty teens?

Episode 7

“I’m sure my Liang was never this small!”

“It doesn’t look any different if you ask me.”

“Yeah, wasn’t it always that size?”

“…if someone told you it was bigger, she must have been imagining it.”

“So what- now I’m too small to even stimulate you?”


“She’s had enough of disappointing Pleasure!”

“What we need is someone to play dominant!”

“Yeah, that way we’ll get the best Pleasure!”

“I prefer it when everyone in the group is equal.”

“I might be able to help, you know- just because I’m a minor character doesn’t mean my Liang isn’t Zhuge.”

“It would be too cramped in a normal car, and I’m sick of getting elbowed in the eye when things get intense!”

“The best number for group Pleasure!”

“Shin, you and I will be together, right?”

“I’m liking the sound of this.”

“Wait, what about me? Am I going to be relegated to DOG?”

“Hey, we’ve already slept together, haven’t we?”

“You shouldn’t sleep around!”

“I could hardly refuse a main character, could I?”

“It was last week! It’s in the past!”

“Do you want people thinking you’re a slut?”

“I just slept with her once!”

“I don’t care! You’re mine!”

“I don’t want the guys to know I’m BI!”

“What- you haven’t found a partner yet?”

“Well, I am married, but he isn’t interested in Pleasure.”

“In his place, I’ve become an expert at Hyper Self Pleasure.”

“Wait- you’ve had Pleasure here before?”

“Of course.”

“Wow, I’ve never seen Liangs this Zhuge!”

“…because you wanted HARD YURI with me!”

“I must admit I find you attractive.”

“I won’t cheat on you anymore, Megumi.”

“Glad to hear it.”

“Last time we were together, you were a monster in the bedroom!”

“You didn’t even bother with foreplay- we just went straight to the kinky stuff!”

“I thought we had that kind of relationship!”

“I’m just not sure if I’m any good at that sort of Pleasure!”

“Would it be okay if we stuck to the basics?”

“I’ll do anything if it means we can be together.”

It’s months later, and people are still talking about the Nice Boat.

“I’m not sure if I want to be with you, or just be you!”

“Only Senpai gets to see me naked!”

“Saucy images, eh?”

Takuro is caught having secret Hyper Self Pleasure.

“I should have known you were having Hyper Self Pleasure to practise for our group session!”

“It’s not training- I’m just refining my Liang skills.”

“I wanted to hone my abilities so that I don’t hurt anyone.”

“Hyper Self Pleasure is just so wrong!”

“…a Liang?”

“I’ll never give up Hyper Self Pleasure!”

Episode 8

“I thought we could have Pleasure in the classroom…”

“…but I’m not ready to do it in public yet.”

“You want Pleasure- with me?”

“…I was, uh, planning to have WOOD with this tree!”

“I’ll have to remain celibate for the entire day!”

“Hey Shin, get over here- a woman wants to have Pleasure with me!”

“…arranging HARD GAY?”

They’re always making One Piece- it will never end!

“It can be smart, sexy and incredibly desirable!”

“Those trees, so tall and WOODY, they remind me of HARD GAY!”

“When I look at them, I really want to give into my urges!”

Meanwhile, Kanaru has found a new HARD YURI partner.

“I’ll make sure our Pleasure isn’t rushed.”

There’s a cactus in a chair!

“Are you trying to say that there’s a race of small men that have their way with us when we’re in bed? That’s more insane than finding a cactus embedded in a chair!”

“You wanted to see what Hyper Self Pleasure was like?”

“Yeah- I’ve heard so much about it that I thought I should try it.”

“I really want to improve my Pleasure skills, but no one else seems interested in doing anything other than the norm.”

“But the types of advanced Pleasure techniques you’re studying sound dangerous!”

“They’re just names- not descriptions!”

“You want to have BI with us at night?”

“Do you think that BI can really stimulate a HARD GAY man such as yourself?”

“Yes, yes I think it can!”

“I can’t have Pleasure with you, but I can let you watch my Hyper Self Pleasure!”

“You held onto your Liang all night!?”

“Yeah, if you’re going to hold onto something, you should do it properly.”

“Well, we’ve tried HARD GAY, HARD YURI and BI, so what say we have some DOG next?”

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  1. CobraStarship says:

    You sure have talent in parodying. Actually, HARDGAY & BI ideas ‘ve been very funny already. Now HARDYURI makes this greater than ever. ^_^

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