Tuesday Rumble: June 24th

The Stylus of Life

Nintendo DS owners will be more than familiar with using the stylus to manipulate objects on the touch screen, but here at Azure Flame, we’ve taken things one step further- with the Stylus of Life! No longer need you be restricted to virtual situations, because the Stylus of Life can let you manipulate the real world! Scrub out things you don’t like, draw new things that you’d rather have in their place, move friends and generics as you wish- all with the Stylus of Life! You can use it to cook, clean, even empty the cat litter tray! Everyday chores become a breeze with the Stylus of Life!

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: the lost chapters

Sensei enters the classroom.

Sensei: Okay, class, let’s get started.

Chie arrives.

Chie: Itoshiki-sensei, I need to see proof of your ID before you start teaching these children.

Sensei: But you know who I am! We’ve been working together for months.

Chie: I’m sorry, but without ID nothing is certain.

Sensei: Zetsubou shita! The society that constantly needs identification for everything has left me in despair!

  • Need a passport to get a driving licence, job, bank account, criminal record check.
  • Need a birth certificate to get a passport.
  • Proof of ID required when entering any club, TV studio, etc.
  • Need to get a professional to confirm your ID photo- amateurs don’t count.
  • You can’t get a credit card without sufficient ID, but a dog can.
  • Still need parents’ details even when in your 20s.

Majin Tantei Nogami Neuro

“Shouldn’t someone have told them that the world was still there?”

These remind me of something- if only I could place what…

“Gwakaka, I’m so obviously evil that I’m probably not evil at all!”

“Even cats aren’t that lazy!”

“I bought these from the Jewellery Channel!”

Uh, yes…

Spice and Wolf 7

Horo inspects a case of apples to see if they are worthy enough for anime cameos.

Horo and Lawrence discuss their policy on Liangs.

“Now that I have a Pleasure partner, there’s no stopping me!”

“You’ll need it if you’re going to be doing it outside.”

“Those apples never stood a chance.”

Anime Big Brother

Our housemates have settled in, but will tempers fray thanks to their extended proximity?

Lawrence: So, if I buy a fur for ten Thoreni silver coins, and sell it for twenty, how much profit have I made?

Aoki tries to count on his fingers, but gets confused.

Aoki: Uh, can we go back to the basics? I’m still not confident with numbers.

Horo: And you say you have a job on the outside?

Lelouch: I wouldn’t be too sure of that- I tried to use my Geass on him but there’s not enough brain in there for it to work.

Doumeki: Hey, Watanuki, is lunch done yet?

Watanuki: Shut up! Why does no one ever help me in the kitchen?

Heat: Hurry up with that meal, or I might just devour you all!

Meanwhile, Allison is with Wil.

Allison: Come on, Wil, let’s take a shower together!

Wil: Would that really be appropriate?

Allison: How am I ever going to get it through your thick head that I love you?

Wil: Hmm? Did you say something?

Big Brother: Housemates, next week one of you is going to be evicted. Readers, vote in the poll to decide who should go.

This Week in Anime

Zetsubou shita! The society that loves railroads has left me in despair!

“Gwakaka, everything’s going to plan! I even have a special chair!”

Zetsubou shita!

Bananas are one thing, but flying bananas?

Stupid filler weapon redux.

“Oh god, not those stalkers again.”

One day, I’m going to be a Broaoway star.

“Damn, they caught me in the middle of my Star Trek cosplay!”

“Yeah, but I got fed up with mah-jong.”

“Wait, is this like Pokemon?”

“No HARD GAY, nothing!”

“You have no right to hold my Zhuge Liang!”


Classic PC games: Return of the Mutant Space Bats of Doom

Having promised to talk about this a few weeks ago, I completely forgot about it until the other day, perhaps an indication that this game hasn’t captured my heart in the way the original did. Although much the same in that you shoot down wave upon wave of attacking bats, the graphics have been overhauled, there are new weapons in the form of the Zapper and Rotospike, and various other tweaks to the system. Personally, I find the first game more graphically appealing, but if you’ve played that to death then this is a good way to get another dose of retro action.

Harem of the week: Felt (Atelier Iris 2)

Although he was supposed to be travelling to the world of Belkhyde to find a way to save his home of Eden, Felt somehow proved adept in picking up girls along the way.


Viese: A fellow orphan and childhood friend of Felt- has deeper feelings which Felt has yet to notice.

Noin: An outspoken hothead who Felt meets when he first comes to Belkhyde.

Fee: A cool young woman with a hidden heritage.

Yuveria:A holographic projection that appears to Felt in the workshops due to his destined status.

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