Persona Trinity Soul parody part 4

Episode 9

Jun gets worried when Shin reveals that he has a date with someone else.

Worse yet, Shin is out to try some secret BI.

“You want us to have BI?”

“How’s my Liang?”

“It’s good- you must have been practising with another partner.”

“I definitely think you’re ready to learn the ways of advanced BI.”

“Advanced? But we only just got started!”

“Yes, but I’ve been waiting a long time for you to mature.”

(“This sexy chat hotline is a real rip-off!”)

“Are you ready for the kinky stuff, Shin?”

“…I guess not- that didn’t go so well.”

“I’m just not ready for more than the basics.”

“You’re still a bit of a klutz in the bedroom, aren’t you?”

“Oh my god- you got me pregnant!”

“What will my family think?”

“I’m sorry, but in that case I’m dumping you.”

“You have to take responsibility!”

“Anyway, I’m going to get an abortion.”

“…I’d like to have Pleasure with you!”

“By the way, have you ever seen a Zhuge Liang?”

“Yeah, when my brother was in the shower once.”

“It’s been years since I’ve seen one.”

“You know a lot about Pleasure.”

“But we’re researching it and pushing back the boundaries all the time.”

Episode 10

“Okay, I’m ready for Pleasure.”

“I need to try this new technique before I forget how to do it!”

“You haven’t even learned the technique properly yet, have you?”

“Oh well, I guess the only way to learn is by doing.”

No matter what you do, there’s always a pervert watching.

“Is this the right way to do it?”

“No- stop messing around!”

“No, no- put your Liang over there!”

“These crazy teenagers- what won’t they think of next?”

Meanwhile, Jun takes his brother and Yamazaki to a Pleasure session.

“Sorry I had to bring you along, but no one else in my class seemed to want Pleasure.”

“Is this sort of Pleasure too basic for you?”

“I don’t mind giving it a go.”

“Is he sneakily having Hyper Self Pleasure over there?”

“Hey, I heard you’re into kinky stuff- want to watch some adult movies with me?”

“You’re okay with DOG, aren’t you?”

“Have you had Pleasure with my brother before?”

Jun finds himself temporarily trapped in a world of featureless white people.

(“I wish Ryou would stop ordering CORPSE.”)

“This one’s as fresh as I could get.”

“You’ll be able to use it without it falling apart, right?”

“This’ll be fine.”

“Look- you have to learn to control your Zhuge Liang.”

“All men have difficulty with that!”

“Come on then, get your Liang out.”

“People might see us- and besides, it’s cold!”

“Can’t we find a better place for Pleasure?”

“I want a man who get his motor running anywhere!”

“Fine then, I’ll just unzip myself.”

“Hurry up and Pleasure me!”

“Shouldn’t you get undressed too?”

“I’ll get undressed once you get me aroused.”

“Okay, I’ll concentrate on my, er, head.”

Having been excluded from the Pleasure in the woods, Kanaru logs onto the phone sex hotline.

Ryou is also online.

“Hmm, which website should I check out today?”

“There’s a particularly Zhuge guy I want to look up.”

“All right, time to load up the streaming videos.”

(“Damn, he almost caught me looking at porn!”)

“This is a premium rate line! It’s costing me £1.50 per minute!”

“I’ve been caught having phone sex!”

“Were you flashing again? Cover yourself up and go home!”

“No, I’ll see it through- hopefully the police won’t show up.”

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