Two years, 1000 posts: an Azure Flame Anniversary

In a coincidence that has been several weeks in the planning, Karura has managed to roll two events into one- for not only is the one thousandth post to appear on Azure Flame, but it also marks exactly two years since that fated day when Azure Flame came into being. Since that time, thousands of words of mockery, praise and criticism have been written, hundreds of hours of anime have been watched, many people have come by to comment, and despite flirting with burnout in the winter months, Karura recovered to blog once again. I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to keep it up once my PhD course starts in October, but I’ll try my utmost to make sure this place only dies when there’s nothing more to say.

Coming soon(-ish)

  • Parodies for Antique Bakery (a HARD GAY world where strawberries are the ultimate evil), Himitsu (more HARD GAY, cross-dressing and an incredibly stupid main character), as well as more from Persona and Allison to Lillia. SaiMono II and Pumpkin Scissors are still on hiatus.
  • Game reviews for the Digital Devil Saga series and Mana Khemia (when I play it), plus FFT if I ever manage to finish it.
  • More fangirling over Okami, Aria, fat cats and the rest.
  • I’d like to say Sunday News Bites will return, but with my current schedule I’m just not online on a Sunday, and after the Weekly Round-Up I don’t have the time or energy to knock out a scheduled post straightaway.
  • A proper header instead of this generic Seashore one.

General acknowledgements and thanks- because that’s, like, what you do to fill up these posts

Necromancer continues to contribute screencaps and randomness to the great cause, but how high can we get our MAL compatibility?

Hanners only showed up in the blogging world recently, but if there was ever a reason to watch poor anime, it was to then see it appropriately shredded to pieces on his blog. His dedication to filling up my previously unloved Facebook Wall shouldn’t go unmentioned, alongside threats as to what would happen if he were to ever stop…

manga has an appetite for gaming like no other, and always has a worthy recommendation to hand- fingers crossed in finding the perfect blog theme for The Fool.

Randall “Onii-chan” Fitzgerald claims he has four Zhuge Liangs, and boy, you’d better believe it. This guy is such a legend that he actually has his own personal Playboy-style mansion where catgirls mud-wrestle night and day for his pleasure. Onii-chan no ecchi!

I haven’t spoken to Hopeless Sensei since last September, but I still miss him. Anime, gaming and RPG Maker were a lot more fun in the days when we could give each other blow-by-blow accounts of what we were doing.

And of course thanks to all my regular and occasional readers, including but not limited to Sasa, Martin, Hige, Neriya, Venneh, Machi, IKnight, issa-sa, KaMen, Hinano and Tiamat’s Disciple.

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12 Responses to Two years, 1000 posts: an Azure Flame Anniversary

  1. Hinano says:

    Congrats on the 2 years. I think I’m lookin forward to your buttsecks bakery posts lol

  2. Necromancer says:

    *returns from playing Secret Agent Clank*

    Another congratulations! Hope you continue blogging my along time to come ;p

    Our MAL compatability has dropped by 0.01% NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hanners says:

    Congratulations on the meticulously planned double milestone! Now, where are those fireworks….

    Many thanks for the acknowledgement, it’s always nice to know that my vicious dissection of Allison to Lillia hasn’t gone entirely unnoted. 😉 Talking about your Facebook Wall, how many posts do I have to make there before you’ll free my family from your underground lair again? :p

  4. Neriya says:

    Hurrah, may the recognition of fruit and unquenchable horniness in anime long continue!

    I don’t think Sunday news bites is a big loss. Tuesday Rumble and Weekly Round up are much better value.

  5. TheBigN says:

    Congrats on two years and 1000 posts. At my current rate, the latter will take me about 9 more years to finish. So we’ll see what happens with that. And even so, they wouldn’t be as half as funny as yours have been. 😛

    Here’s to hopefully many more. :3

  6. IKnight says:

    Congratulations on the anniversaries (what precision!)! I look forward to reading more from you, and the best of luck with your PhD course in October.

  7. KaMen says:

    Congrats on the anniverary and the 1000th posts! I look forward to read more in the future

    May the Hard Gay Parodies never ends… 😀

  8. issa-sa says:

    Holy Shi- 1000 pos-
    Congratulations! Now bring on the cake, and those incredibly evil strawberries you mentioned 😛

  9. Karura says:

    Hinano: Thanks, it should be good (the parody, that is, not the buttsecks :p)

    Necromancer: NOOOO!!! It’s like I don’t know you anymore now that our compatibility is down!

    Hanners: I think the fireworks are trapped inside my copy of Fantavision 😉

    Neriya: Yeah, it wasn’t like I was expecting anyone to really use it to keep up with the latest news, but it was nice to have a place for fangirling over Aria being licensed and so forth. Still, if we can live without it then I need not feel any guilt…

    TheBigN, KaMen: Almost 700 of those posts were made in the first year so I’m on a slowing down curve…but I must not stop! The forces of HARD GAY won’t allow it!

    IKnight: Thanks, I’ll need it.

    issa-sa: All these years I’ve loved strawberries, and I never knew how evil they were! They cause trauma wherever they go!

  10. manga says:

    Congrats. I´m going to celebrate my one year anniversery next year… thanks to being dead(RIP).

    Otherwise I would be seeing my second year now. But oh well. It´s always fun to write about the big notes for one´s site.

    And for the moment atleast I´ve found the theme I was looking for: Apollo 🙂 So I won´t be changing my theme anytime son now. But thanks for the concern.

    Sure, my thirst for games are neverending. And with all these great games comming out at the moment I´m having problems finding the funds to get them all.

    And then we have Otoboku that is being released on DVD in US, have to get those.

    So happy anniversery and congrats on the 1000th post. Hope to see a lot from you since I always get a good laugh when I visit this site.

    And you´ll finish FFT, now after that hard fight there is almost no fights left that are bothersome. Just one fight, I hope you have lots of gold for after that fight you´re going to need it…

  11. Cokematic says:

    OOh congrats on being around for two years! Even though I’ve been a silent reader the past year and a half(? i think), your blog neve fails to make me squirt my morning coffee out of my nose.

  12. C.I. says:

    ‘Grats on two years. Even though I read Azure Flame most of the time but never comment, it’s always been a good read for the year that I’ve known it.

    Here’s to another year for ya’ then!

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