Azure Flame: Not burned out, just burning low


Through thick and thin, in some form or another Azure Flame has existed for over two years- but then some eleven or so weeks ago, it all went quiet. Every so often a post would appear but other than that Karura barely seemed to be alive. With so many people contracting Hiatus Disease, it was probably just another drop in the ocean, but now Karura has mustered the energy to clarify the past, present and future of Azure Flame.

As some of you will know, at the beginning of October, Karura (who is writing about herself in the third person for reasons unknown) moved to London to commence a life of a research student. Alongside dance lessons, family issues other miscellanea, this left her with very little time or inclination to even watch anime, let alone blog about it, which meant that much of this blog had to fall into ruin.

Now, whilst the end of Strictly Come Dancing, Dancing With the Stars and some other TV shows means I’m starting to have time for blogging here again, things can never be as they were. I won’t deny that I miss the Weekly Round-Up and Tuesday Rumble (and perhaps you do too), and they aren’t going away forever, but I’m also happy not to feel chained to trying to keep up with 13-20 series as episodes are released, something which had long been getting me down for no good reason. Anime and blogging are pastimes, and they will be treated as such- I’ll watch at my own pace, blog when I feel like it, and hopefully there will be a few regular readers who won’t mind sticking around to read what I have to say. Whilst changing domain or starting up a new blog has worked for others, that’s not a step I’ll be taking; I like to think of my blog as a continuous, slowly-building archive of my thoughts on various things- and quite frankly, if I change domain again, I’ll lose what few readers I have left!

In summary, therefore, I have to ask everyone to be understanding- as opinionated as I am, I will never be completely dead, but I can’t guarantee any kind of regularity of posts. Still, hopefully your RSS readers and such will bring you back here whenever there’s something new, so don’t forget about me entirely!

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8 Responses to Azure Flame: Not burned out, just burning low

  1. animemiz says:

    Good luck on your move…

  2. Hanners says:

    I blame this whole terrible state of affairs on Telepathy Shoujo Ran myself…

  3. IKnight says:

    Far be it from me to lecture others about hiatuses! I look forward to reading posts here as-and-when – good luck in your research student-hood!

  4. manga says:

    bloging should be done when you think it´s fun. That´s really all there is to it. I wish you a happy bloging time for as long as you want to continue.

    I´ll keep on reading even if there are few posts. I like to read what you´ve written so 🙂

    Looking forward to the Mana Khemia review.

  5. Martin says:

    Congrats on your blogging anniversary! It’s good to see you’re still around and I hope the move went smoothly too. As you pointed out the other day there aren’t many of the longer-running blogs still going so kudos for keeping the (azure) flame alive over here. Have a good christmas and seeya in the new year! ^_^

  6. badzphoto says:

    congrats on your 2nd. Good luck with your research.
    I’ve missed “Weekly Round-Up and Tuesday Rumble.”

  7. Sasa says:

    >> I won’t deny that I miss the Weekly Round-Up and Tuesday Rumble (and perhaps you do too)
    I do I do! It’s nice to hear from you and to get to know what’s been going on for you these past months.

    Well, all I can add is that you’ll be very welcome if you decide to go back to blogging more again! And even if you don’t, you’ll never be forgotten. 🙂

  8. Tales says:

    Heya Karura. Mind adding me on your blogroll? I’ll add you back on mine as well.

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