Final Thoughts: World Destruction

In a world covered by sand, humans are mere second-class citizens compared to beastmen- a situation that some live with, but others resent. For Kyrie, the situation means keeping his head down and disguising himself with the aid of a pair of cat ears, but maintaining a low profile becomes impossible when he gets tangled up in the affairs of a feisty young woman named Morte. As the owner of the ‘Destruct Code’, Morte has the power to end the world- and she plans to use it! With Kyrie and a small bear named Toppi as her unwilling companions, Morte travels across the world in an attempt to learn how to use the Destruct Code, with her enemies always in hot pursuit…

Time and again I’ve said that no good can come of RPG adaptations, and yet somehow I always get dragged into watching just one more- with my latest ill-fated encounter being World Destruction. As always, the first episode was at least mildly entertaining, but after that it quickly went downhill, turning into yet another tired and pointless waste of precious time.

The trouble with writing a review about the poor quality of World Destruction is that it is simply so bland that the only way the brain can protect itself is by erasing all memory of an episode as soon as it is watched. Thus, my main memory of the series is of disconnected scenes taking place in such imaginatively named locations as “Springland”, “Summerland” and “Autumnland”, and the fact that most episodes were called “There are two kinds of [insert name here]”. Given that the anime was meant to whet our appetite for the game, it’s somewhat ironic that the most it can achieve is to make the viewer lose the will to live.

Similarly, the characters are so uninteresting that it’s hard to even remember their names. Of the main three, Kyrie is entirely bland, Morte has a typical troubled past and Toppi has the rather annoying habit of adding ‘-kuma’ to the end of every sentence (his best friend terminates his statements with the English equivalent ‘-bear’). There are other characters, such as the two members of the ‘World Salvation Committee’ who continually pursue our heroes, but there’s little motivation to care about them.

Visually, World Destruction has some attractive character designs, but overall the animation budget is kept on a tight leash. Background music exhibits the same level of quality as the rest of the series.

Final Thoughts

There are two kinds of RPG based series- the bad, and the awful (please don’t spoil the pun by pointing out exceptions to the rule), and World Destruction is an example of the latter. A bland and uninspired waste of time, this is one series no one need ever bother watching.

Tier: Junk Ore

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3 Responses to Final Thoughts: World Destruction

  1. Hanners says:

    “yet somehow I always get dragged into watching just one more”

    I plead diplomatic immunity!

    Anyway, you’re right on the money, and I believe the word “dull” was invented specifically with this series in mind. The first episode was quite good mind you…

  2. Karura says:

    >The first episode was quite good mind you…

    I seem to remember that it was you saying that that got me into this series… :p

  3. Some dude says:

    This was a great series. It had everything it needed to make a good anime. RPG or not this was amazing for how short it was. Al it needed was to be longer and have the story of kyrie developing his power.

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