Risky Safety

Risky is an apprentice shinigami tasked with sending doomed and depressed souls to the afterlife. Her opposite number, apprentice angel Safety, works hard to save those souls. Obviously, they’re both competing for the same market, but to make matters worse- they’ve also ended up sharing the same body! Now, they’ve both ended up interfering in the life of Moe Katsuragi, a young girl who believes that the boy she likes doesn’t reciprocate her feelings. Will Risky prey on her depression, or can Safety show her that things always work out for the best?

A series of short twelve minute episodes centred on the adventures of an angel and a shinigami on a time-share in the same body, Risky Safety combines Risky and Safety’s mishaps in everyday life with flights of fancy that take place across time and space. It’s light entertainment in every sense- often comical, sometimes a little too over the top, and occasionally touching.

The Flonne and Etna of the anime world, Risky and Safety steal the show at every turn with their angel/devil repartee. As you would expect, Safety is well-meaning, moralistic and somewhat clumsy, whilst Risky is more devilish and self-serving. It’s nothing we haven’t seen before in many guises, but nonetheless this diminutive odd couple are cute enough to make their antics more enjoyable than tiresome.

Rounding out the cast are a number of recurring and one-off characters, most of whom serve to motivate Risky and Safety and precipitate their latest adventure. Most of them are bland and inoffensive, although Moe, the girl who inadvertently summons the duo in the first place, is likable enough. Also worthy of note is Lani, a dog who ends up infatuated with Risky and Safety thanks to a misfired love arrow- a pedestrian joke perhaps, but still mildly entertaining.

Visually, Risky Safety is solid if not outstanding- most characters are well drawn if somewhat generic, with only Risky and Safety’s designs standing out for colourful cuteness. Background music is large forgettable, but suits the tone of the series well.

Final Thoughts

A fun little throwaway series, Risky Safety isn’t poised to win any awards for originality, but its tried-and-tested humour generally hits the spot. If you’re in the mood for some cute easy viewing, then it will make for a good time-filler.

Tier: Bronze+

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