Nurse-Witch Komugi-chan

Seventeen-year-old Komugi Nakahara works for talent agency Kiri Pro- a job that involves dressing up in ridiculous costumes, arguing about chest sizes with her rival, and lusting over pop idol Kyousuke Date. What most people don’t know, however, is that she also pulls double-time as Nurse-Witch Komugi-chan, thwarting the plans of Magical Maid Koyori and her army of evil viruses. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it!

Magical girl shows are hardly thin on the ground, and, over time, magical girl parodies have become equally prevalent- to the point where something like Nurse-Witch Komugi-chan is just another title in an already crowded market. With that in mind, although the series proves to be a mildly entertaining diversion, it can hardly be said to be particularly clever or ground-breaking.

As expected, all the usual magical girl tropes are in play- the monsters of the week, the perverted animal sidekick, and of course the best friend who is unwittingly working as the enemy magical girl. Unfortunately, it’s not really sharp enough to stand out from the crowd of either magical girl shows or magical girl parodies, but it’s energetic and brightly coloured enough to be entertaining- and at only five episodes in length (six if you include special episode 2.5), it doesn’t continue long enough to outstay its welcome. Of course, neither is anything properly resolved, but that’s infinitely preferable to a more contrived ending.

As far as characters go, Komugi-chan borrows its cast from Soul Taker and casts them in less serious roles- which would be amusing thing to see, if anyone had actually watched Soul Taker in the first place.

As an OVA, Komugi-chan has plenty of money to spend on visuals, and it puts it to good use, making for brightly coloured character designs and lots of onscreen mayhem. Background music is largely forgettable.

Final Thoughts

Although it makes for a fairly entertaining diversion when you’ve nothing better to do, Nurse-Witch Komugi-chan has nothing to offer that would make it stand out from the crowd. By all means watch it if you need something that makes no demands on the brain, but don’t go in expecting anything more than a little short-term fun.

Tier: White+

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