Moonlight Mile: season one

Goro and Lostman are men with a dream- to climb higher and further than ever before. But when Earth itself can’t provide enough of a challenge for the two of them, they set their sights on a new goal- space. Whilst Lostman aims to become a pilot, Goro uses his technical skills to sign on as a construction worker, but will both of them manage to achieve their dream?

Every so often, a series comes along that defies all the usual visual stereotypes of anime. Instead of being attractive and brightly colours, these series opt for a more muted colour palette. Aesthetics are sacrificed for so-called ‘gritty’ realism, and the whole thing is drenched in testosterone for good measure. Moonlight Mile is such a series, but does it manage to pull off its MANLINESS without turning into a slab of dullness?

Fortunately, whilst it can hardly be said to be exceptional in any way, Moonlight Mile is ultimately a solid and decent series. Provided you aren’t too put off by the on-screen promiscuity of the two lead characters, the series offers a ‘nuts and bolts’ look into the logistics, politics and economics of space travel. It’s no Planetes, but it does a serviceable job of presenting its story without ever falling into the trap of becoming dull or monotonous.

Even the characters are surprisingly likeable; easy as it would be to dismiss the MANLY Goro and Lostman as a couple of horny testosterone addicts, the fact that they are actually decent people who are well liked by their peers (and their many girlfriends) goes a long way towards portraying them in quite a favourable light. Naturally, in the space of twelve episodes, there isn’t really time to flesh out any of the various supporting characters, but this hardly seems to matter.

Visually, Moonlight Mile opts for a more ‘realistic’ look, dispensing with the usual bright and bold anime look in favour of something where greys, greens and browns aren’t out of place. It’s hardly going to win any awards in the looks department, but the presentation suits the tone of the series well.

Final Thoughts

Given that I went into the series not expecting to enjoy it very much, Moonlight Mile turned out to be a surprisingly solid experience. It may never have wowed me at any point, but it certainly held my attention, and I wouldn’t be averse to catching up with the second season.

Tier: Bronze-

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  1. Wow!

    Cela ressemble au-delà étonnant.

    Non, attendez …. il va au-delà étonnant.

    Un travail bien fait (comme toujours).


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