Shin Weekly Round Up: March 9th

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My cat is not only the chatty type, she also looks a lot like Kuro.

That feeling of panic when you go to write this up and you can’t remember a thing about the anime you watched this week. Zetsubou shita!

Reviewed this week: Ano Natsu de Matteru 9, Another 9, Aquarion EVOL 10, Black Rock Shooter 5, Hunter X Hunter 21, Mouretsu 9, Nisemonogatari 9, Persona 4 21

Ano Natsu de Matteru 9

This series has had its ups and downs in terms of quality, but this week it’s truly on top form as it takes some more bold steps forward in terms of relationship development. As Ichika admits to the others that she is indeed an alien, there is still one more secret she must reveal – her true feelings for Kaito. But even if those two can be happy together, everyone else’s feelings are unrequited, and that can only mean plenty more tears and hurt feelings on the horizon. Given that so many anime series beat about the bush, Ano Natsu has been particularly brave whenever it counted, and this episode is no different. Who can’t help but feel for the links in this love chain?

Another 9

Given that the deaths haven’t stopped, it’s time for everyone to start playing the blame game once again this week, at least until it’s decided that it was all down to a previously unmentioned head injury. Then the hunt is on for a clue which may unravel this whole mystery – or, since the clue is on a videotape, just unravel entirely and become unwatchable. Oh well, no one’s going to live long enough to make use of it anyway. In other news, the author of the original novel wants to write more – assuming that the source material is just as lacklustre as this anime, I hope he doesn’t bother.


Aquarion EVOL 10

It’s the typical ‘bad guy inflitration’ storyline this week, as “Jin” (his real name is too long to be remembered and used even by the characters themselves) is sent across from the world of MEN to spy on the Elements and pick out their perfect woman. To be honest, they’d be better off pinning their hopes to multiple women rather than just the one if they want to repopulate, but let’s not concern ourselves with such petty issues. Since this episode is all about Jin settling into his new life and learning all about those mysterious feminine creatures, there isn’t time for the usual Gattai battle, but even without the mecha action, this is an enjoyable episode nonetheless.

Black Rock Shooter 5

Let’s face it, everyone in this series is batshit crazy for one reason or another. Having emerged from her isolation to go to school as normal, Yomi only manages to hold it together for about half a day before she starts cutting her hair and has to be sent home. Then it turns out that no one can remember Yu for some reason, which results in Mato tracking her down and being transferred into the body of Black Rock Shooter. Hey, no one said it had to make sense.

Hunter X Hunter 21

It’s time for Gon, Leorio and Kurapika to begin their lives as Hunters, and what better thing to do first than go and find Killua? It’s mostly exposition this episode, but seeing Gon confront Illumi is worth the entrance fee by itself. And I’m content knowing there’s plenty of good stuff to come.

Mouretsu Pirates 9

With Princess Gruier (or, as I shall call her from now on, Gruyère) officially recruited as a playable character this week, it’s time to accept the latest mission – pursuing a legendary ghost ship. Not that I really care anymore; not only can I barely remember the content of this episode, but I’m wondering why I started the series in the first place. But I must complete it for completion’s sake, which means 17 more weeks of moaning. Oh dear.


Siscon Nisemonogatari 9

A foolish person might have assumed that, with the end of the series approaching fast, it might be time for Tsukihi Phoenix to get its act together and stop faffing around – well, let me assure that that is far from the case. Instead, it’s time for Karen to go and meet Suruga, complete with random perversion here, there and everywhere from Ararararagi. Which is to say he wants his sister, Hachikuji and Hanekawa, but not a thought is spared for his actual girlfriend, Senjougahara. I miss the days of Bakemonogatari more and more with each passing week.

Persona 4 the Animation 21

The filler is over and it’s time to get back to business as we pull into the final stretch of Persona’s story. Unfortunately, this means it’s time for poor Nanako to go to TV World, whilst Dojima’s mounting suspicion that Narukami knows more than he’s letting on finally comes to a head. Naturally, telling him the truth works about as well as you’d expect, and with a night at the police station looming, only the power of friendship can save our hero. I’m interested to see how the anime will tackle the ending, but once it’s done, we really should get the Persona 3 anime we deserve (Trinity Soul in no way counts).

Symphogear 9

Through no fault of its own, I did fall asleep in places during this episode, but I don’t think I missed too much. Whilst Tsubasa is finally ready to put aside at least some of the Kanade angst and sing on stage once again, it’s left to Hibiki to do the real work of defending everyone from the Noise – although predictably enough, a conflicted Chris stops by to help out. Meanwhile, Ryouko wanders around not making much sense, which is unfortunate given that that was the part of the episode I was the most awake for.

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3 Responses to Shin Weekly Round Up: March 9th

  1. Neriya says:

    I wonder how many episodes Persona 4 will have? If it’s 24 it seems like they’ll only have time for the good ending, with the true ending needing 25 or 26.

    It’s been a mixed bag of a show. Some bits have been adapted well, but the breakneck speed and inconsistent animation quality often goes against it.

  2. Karura says:

    It does have its flaws, but given how bad most video game adaptations turn out to be, I think P4A has done a pretty good job.

    I’ve just been assuming it would have 26 episodes, but I wonder what they’ll do with the true ending if they go that route. It’s not like a lengthy boss battle can be animated as-is.

  3. Neriya says:

    Well, the true end is just as much about tying off the remaining loose ends, showcasing the power of the social links and once again refusing to accept the easy truth as it is about an extra dungeon and boss. Haha, besides, the bosses in P4 were virtually all lengthy battles of attrition, which the anime has always worked around nicely, so I don’t think that will be an issue. Particularly with the 1000 curses part onwards.

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