Short Parody: Yosuke's Confession

Yosuke’s Courage is finally up to the level where he can initiate a confession.

(“Could it be? Surely not!”)

“I’m HARD GAY for you!”

“…and I can’t help feeling you must feel the same way too!”

“You have so many good qualities…”

“…that I just can’t help liking you!”

“I knew I had to confess today!”

“I couldn’t let things go on, with my feelings buried beneath the surface!”

“…will you have HARD GAY with me?”

“…take me now!”

“Man, that was intense!”

“But we can’t have a proper relationship unless I do you as well!”

“If you don’t want to be in a relationship with me, all I’ll have left is Hyper Self Pleasure!”

“Come on then, give me HARD GAY!”

“Wow, you’re good at this, Yosuke!”

Another happy relationship begins.

Who can resist that invitation?

Adachi learns the intimate details of Pleasure.

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