Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Revisited

Part One: Anton’s Final Letter

At the end of Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, the hard-working farmer Anton tragically lost his life. As the residents of Forget-Me-Not Valley sorted through his effects, they found this letter, written shortly before his death.

Dear Celia,

If you are reading this, then it means the worst has happened, and I have passed away. Do you remember that night at the end of winter when we were gazing out at the stars? I had an inkling then that all was not well, and that my health would soon fail me. I do not regret coming to Forget-Me-Not Valley and meeting you, but I’m afraid that a life of farming has taken its toll on my body. As you know, I worked long hours, often getting up hours before you did to tend to the animals and crops. I’ve lost count of the times I did my chores in the darkness, the cold air rattling in my lungs.


Worse yet, I have a confession to make. As you know, it was always difficult to make ends meet on the farm, and I worked my hardest to bring in enough money to keep you and Antonia comfortable, whilst making sure all my animals were healthy. To that end, I never dared to eat any of the crops I produced, and my few attempts at cooking a palatable meal were met with disaster. Instead, for years I have subsisted on the various weeds that grow around the valley, secretly scoffing them to sate my hunger when I thought no one was looking. Only now, after my death, can I reveal my secret shame – a horrific habit that no doubt contributed to my poor state of health.


Please tell Antonia that I love her very much and that I couldn’t be more proud of her. I know she plans to take over the farm once I am gone, and I have to admit to mixed feelings about that. I want her to do her best in all her endeavours, but I somewhat regret not encouraging her down another career path when she was younger. I don’t want her to experience the endless years of agonising farming that I have had to endure, culminating in an early death. No one else should have to suffer as I have. Nonetheless, if you and she remain insistent that the farm must continue, then I wish you the best of luck. I shall watch over you, just as my father Tony always watched over me from Heaven.


All my love,



Part Two: Theories About Anton’s Early Death

Why does Anton die at the end of Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life? He must only be in his fifties when he passes away, and many older resident of Forget-Me-Not Valley outlive him. Here we present some theories.


  • As in the letter above, a harsh life of constant farming coupled with a diet of weeds causes Anton’s health to fail, and he dies young.
  • Murray the tramp was often caught stealing food from Anton’s farm, and was ultimately chased off by Takakura. An angry Murray returned to the farm and murdered Anton, mistaking him for Takakura.
  • Once the farm becomes successful, Takakura decides to murder him and marry either his wife or daughter.
  • The rocks in Forget-Me-Not Valley are actually radioactive. The residents, descended as they are from generations of natives, have mutated to live with the radiation. Anton, a newcomer (and similarly, his father before him) both die of radiation poisoning after moving to the valley.
  • After forgetting to feed the chickens or let them out for a few days, Anton is pecked to death.
  • Anton is trampled by his horse.
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