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Sixty Anime You Might Not Have Seen, But Probably Should: Part I

Once you’ve watched a certain amount of anime (aka, more than is probably good for you), there comes a point when top ten lists don’t really do the job of encapsulating your favourites anymore. When such a time comes, the … Continue reading

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Madhouse: God’s own studio or merely human?

Wherever anime studios are spoken of, fans can be found singing the praises of Madhouse, claiming how this one studio can turn everything they touch into gold. Naturally, when I hear such things, I have to question them, and so … Continue reading

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Boogiepop Dual

Like bubbles rising to the surface, the entity known as Boogiepop emerges as the world’s protector whenever danger arises- and now, as a new crime wave sweeps his school, student Akizuki Takaya finds himself playing host to Boogiepop’s latest incarnation. … Continue reading

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Boogiepop Doesn’t Laugh

Following a spate of disappearances amongst Shinyo Academy’s female students, the authorities conclude that the girls in question have run away due to the stress of exams and college applications. As some of the students discover, however, the disappearances are … Continue reading

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