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Studio BONES: does creating some of my favourites make up for the existence of Jyu-Oh-Sei?

Founded by former Sunrise members who had sworn off the dango, Studio BONES will celebrate its ninth anniversary this year, but in that time, what has it brought us? A quick glance at the studio’s catalogue certainly reveals some strong … Continue reading

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Can anime surpass its source material? Part One: manga-based series

Regular readers of this blog will be aware that I have a habit of unfavourably comparing anime series to the original manga- it’s not something I do to be provocative or controversial, merely a statement of my opinion. As my … Continue reading

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Second Seasons: Second Rate? Part Two: Remakes, Spin-Offs and Alternate Universes

Those with the ability to recall trivial and largely useless information may recall that some time ago, I wrote an article about second seasons that directly followed on from the first, and whether they were always destined to be inferior … Continue reading

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Angelic Layer

Twelve year old Misaki Suzuhara has just moved to Tokyo, and given her small stature, she can’t help feeling a little dwarfed by the big city. Small wonder, then, that Misaki immediately finds herself drawn to Angelic Layer- a sport … Continue reading

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