Thoughts on Utena from a first time viewer

Revolutionary Girl Utena was one of the series I always thought I probably should watch, but I just quite got around to it. That all changed in the closing months of 2017, when Ana Mardoll’s blogs, coupled with a desire to see a bi main character, tipped me over from “should watch” to “okay, all I’m going to do in my free time is get through these thirty-nine episodes plus one movie”.

I now speak to you from the other side of that experience. Having delved into the writings of others on the subject, the general message seems to be that you should go back and rewatch the series to pick up on all the things you missed the first time – that on rewatch, you’ll know what’s going on and be able to pick up subtle signs. And yes, I’m thinking of doing that, but for now, I wanted to speak about what it feels like to have seen the series only once. Continue reading “Thoughts on Utena from a first time viewer”

Moonlight Mile: season one

Goro and Lostman are men with a dream- to climb higher and further than ever before. But when Earth itself can’t provide enough of a challenge for the two of them, they set their sights on a new goal- space. Whilst Lostman aims to become a pilot, Goro uses his technical skills to sign on as a construction worker, but will both of them manage to achieve their dream? Continue reading “Moonlight Mile: season one”


Maria Osawa is a ditzy young reporter sent to Shanghai to help cover a conference. Unfortunately, tensions are running high in the city, and when she is targeted by assassins, it falls to her old friend Canaan to save her. Canaan is a young Middle Eastern mercenary who uses synaesthesia to her advantage in combat, but can even her superior skills help her protect Maria whilst also pursuing revenge against her long-time rival Alphard? Continue reading “Canaan”

Penguin Musume Heart

The second ‘short and crappy’ review needed to get me back on track.

Nankyoku Sakura, aka ‘Penguin’, is a super-rich cosplay-obsessed otaku- and with a combination like that, it’s no surprise that her life is often eventful. From equally rich rivals to time travel, Penguin is always at the heart of one crazy adventure on another, with her long suffering allies Kujira (a martial artist who only recently realised she was female), Cha Chi (Kujira’s misguided fiancée) and the eternally unflappable shrine maiden Nene always dragged along for the ride. Continue reading “Penguin Musume Heart”

Spice and Wolf II

With several profitable negotiations under their belt, Lawrence and Horo have proven to be an effective team- but should they classify themselves as friends, business partners or something more? One thing’s for sure- the bond between them will be tested to the limit in their next few negotiations. Will Lawrence ever realise his dream of opening a shop? Can Horo really find clues about her distant home? And will one person’s dream involve another’s sacrifice? Continue reading “Spice and Wolf II”

Xam’D: Lost Memories

The first in a handful of ‘short and crappy’ reviews I will put out just because I want to clear the backlog of things I said I’d review.

Akiyuki Takehara leads a peaceful, normal life on Sentan Island, blissfully unaware of the issues that plague the wider world- at least, until the day a bus explosion changes everything. Transformed into a creature known only as Xam’D after a mysterious gem embeds itself in his arm, Akiyuki’s only hope of controlling this power lies with a mysterious girl named Nakiami, but her insistence that he joins her on the postal ship Zanbani will catapult him out of his backwater and thrust both him and his closest friends into events that will shape their entire world. Continue reading “Xam’D: Lost Memories”

Chi’s New Address

The Yamada family can no longer imagine life without their adorable kitten Chi, but there’s still one major problem- their apartment doesn’t allow pets! Realising that things cannot continue as they are, the Yamadas move down the street to an apartment complex where animals are permitted. Now, Chi must adjust to her new surroundings and make friends amongst the local feline population. Continue reading “Chi’s New Address”


In a world where gods and demons have come to live alongside us, seventeen year old Tsuchimi Rin lives a normal life in the home of his childhood friend Kaede. Everything changes, however, when the kings of the gods and demons move in either side- since both have beautiful teenage daughters who believe that Rin promised to marry them many years ago! As Rin struggles to cope with his new, vastly more eventful life, he must unravel the secrets of the past and search deep within his heart to discover which of the girls he truly loves. Continue reading “Shuffle!”