Ginga Densetsu Weed parody: episode six

As the monster falls down to the river below, Weed uses special main character powers to ensure that it is impaled on a convenient tree spike whilst Ken and Kagetora are saved.

Ken: Wow, I really thought minor characters like us wouldn’t make it through that arc.

GB: Where’s Weed? How could you let the main character risk himself for you?

Ken: Don’t worry; I’m sure he’ll show up.

And indeed, some way downstream, Jerome and Weed are clinging to a rock in the middle of the river. The others help them to shore.

Cut to the Northern Alps, one week later. Nero’s subordinates are harassing Hook, when the invincible God Mode trio of Gin, Akame and John stop them.

Nero: Subordinates, attack those dogs whilst I stand here, well out of danger!

The subordinates ineffectually flail at the trio, forcing Nero himself to attack and get owned. All run off.

Hook: You must be the legendary hero, Gin. Thanks for saving me.

Gin: Who are you?

Hook: Just a minor character that’s been looking for you- enter Exposition Mode!

Hook tells Gin about Sakura’s death and the existence of Weed.

Gin: Oh dear, my girlfriend’s dead, but never mind that- I have a son! Change of plans, guys, we’re heading out to look for him.

Cut to the HQ of Southern Alps boss Hougen. Subordinates stand around whilst Nero reports in. When Nero mentions how Gin’s God Mode trio embarrassed him, Hougen kills him.

Hougen: There, that should establish me as a thoroughly dislikeable villain. Rocket, Jet, Missile- go and find this Gin of which he speaks.

Cut to Gin, Akame and John as they make their way through a snowstorm. A female dog approaches.

Reika: Hello, I’m Reika, the daughter of one of your former comrades. I’ve conveniently appeared here to offer you food and shelter.

Reika takes Gin and the others to a deserted building before heading off to fetch some food for them. On the way back, she bumps into Rocket.

Rocket: If the OP is anything to go by I’ll be on the side of good eventually, but for now I’m serving EVILZ and need you to tell me where Gin is.

Reika: Sorry, I haven’t seen him

Rocket: It’s obvious you’re lying, but I’ll pretend to believe you and let you inadvertently lead me to Gin. See you later!

Back at the shelter, Reika warns Gin and the others that the forces of EVILZ are looking for them.

Gin: Thanks for the help, Reika. Things are going to get dangerous, so as a woman you’d better leave us and let the REAL MEN do the fighting. Of course you’ll probably get kidnapped on the way home, but hey, that’s life.

Reika leaves, and in short order, Hougen and his subordinates have surrounded the shelter. Gin and the others emerge.

Gin: Even in God Mode there may be too many opponents for us to take on. Perhaps we can resolve this through talking- like that ever actually works.

Hougen: Ah, Gin, good to see you here.

Hougen defecates onto the snow.

Hougen: If you eat this, I’ll let you go.

Gin: Such a crude scene- it’s not like we’d give in to you anyway. Akame, John, activate Escape Mode!

Akame, John and Gin try to break through the subordinates- Akame makes it through but the other two can’t quite shake off the attacking dogs.

Gin: Change of plans! Akame, you go on ahead- we’ll go into God Mode and take down these nameless forces of EVILZ.

Hougen: Not so fast- in typical cliché villain style, we’ve taken Reika hostage!

Gin: Curse you, conventions of television!

Meanwhile, Weed and the others bury their deceased friends and resolve to protect Futago pass and the mound of earth known as Gajou, unaware that next episode will bring new EVILZ…

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