Ginga Densetsu Weed parody: episode fourteen

Tesshin makes his way to Gin with unprecedented speed, but when he tries to rescue him, Gin is unable to stand.

Gin: I can feel God Mode slipping away from me- Tesshin, you must kill me by your own hand.

Tesshin: Gin, you know when a character asks to be killed the scene usually ends with a “we’ll find a way to get through this, the power of love will beat continuity” speech. I can’t kill you.

Gin: Then at least deliver Weed the Limit Manual that will let him use his ultimate Limit Break.

Meanwhile, Weed’s party has reached Rocket’s home region. They stop on a cliff overlooking a road. A human truck has just been attacked by dogs.

Rocket: This scene is awfully reminiscent of Pom Poko.

Hiro: Whenever I watch that film, I feel the need to snatch some balls.

As they continue onwards, the pack begins to tire.

Weed: Even a main character needs to rest sometime. Let’s stop here for now.

Rocket: Even though it’s asking for trouble, I’ll go on ahead to recruit more brown dogs.

Rocket moves on ahead, only to run into a group of EVILZ dogs eating chickens stolen from the truck.

Rocket: Humans hardly appear in this series! How could you steal from them?

Kamakiri: Welcome to the next mid-boss arc.

Shockingly, by the next morning, Rocket still hasn’t returned. The party asks a local dog, Stone, about him.

Stone: Oh yes, of course the first stranger you meet will always have the information you need. Come with me.

Weed and the others follow Stone, who leads them onto a road where humans begin firing at them.

Kyoushiro: A trap- I never saw that coming!

Jerome: Everyone, run away…these minor villains will never be able to hit us.

Most of the dogs run away, except for a couple of Kyoushiro’s brown dogs, who are too scared to move.

Weed: Kyoushiro, they may only be brown dogs, but we can’t be seen as heartless leads who leave minor characters behind.

Weed and Kyoushiro turn back to face the humans.

Jerome: Surprise attack!

Jerome rips away the gun of one of the humans, and dodges the bullets of the other.

Jerome: Weed, it’s important to the plot that I go off on my own for a while. See you at the end of the episode.

Meanwhile, the humans drive a pick-up truck filled with dead brown dogs back to Stray Dog Prevention HQ. Jerome follows them.

Jerome: Poor brown dogs, killed in such numbers- and there’s even a boss dog in here too.

Back to Weed’s party, and once again, they have run into Stone.

GB: Hey old man, thanks a lot for leading us into that trap!

Stone: If you want to complain, come and get me.

Stone runs off- Weed and the others follow.

GB: You don’t think this is another trap, do you?

Weed: Of course not, I always think the best of everyone.

Weed’s party chases Stone to the edge of a waterfall.

GB: Give it up, oldie, there’s no place to run.

Stone: Oh come on, no one ever gets cornered at the edge of a waterfall- although this time I’m not going to jump, just point out that you’ve walked into an ambush!

Kamakiri and numerous black, white and brown followers emerge.

Weed: Oh, so it was a trap- my bad.

Cut to the Stray Dog Prevention Agency. The men are using binoculars to watch the dogs.

Humans: It isn’t clear why we randomly want to shoot stray dogs, but there seem to be a lot of them over there, so let’s go.

Jerome: Oh no, I must outrun the human vehicles and warn my friends.

Cut back to the Weed/Kamakiri standoff.

Kamakiri: Greetings, I am the evilz follower of Hougen known as Kamakiri.

Hiro: Wait a minute, I remember you. Flashback mode!

Dissolve to flashback.

Hiro: My father was once a boss dog, and because of that an evilz dog took me hostage. That dog was you, Kamakiri.

Kamakiri: Sorry, doesn’t ring a bell; however now that you mention it, I do have a fondness for taking hostages- what villain in this series doesn’t?

A subordinate dog brings Rocket forward.

Kyoushiro: Not this old story again.

Weed: Since I can’t bear to see suffering, I’ll do whatever you say if you let Rocket go.

Fortunately, Jerome appears out of nowhere to rescue Rocket.

Jerome: The humans are coming- we have to put aside our differences and leave!

Kamakiri: Who cares about that?

Kamakiri attacks Jerome and rips off his ear.

Jerome: What kind of a special attack is that? At least Hiro over there rips off a more vital body part.

Hiro: Speaking of which, Ball Snatch!

Kamakiri: Counter Bite!

Hiro and Kamakiri get locked in a stalemate. Kamakiri’s brown subordinates join the fray.

Weed: What are you doing, Kamakiri? The proper way to fight is one-on-one, whilst your subordinates watch!

Weed attacks Kamakiri- he manages several HP damage before the humans arrive and begin shooting.

Kamakiri: Brown and black dogs, withdraw, we’ll continue this in a later episode.

Weed: We should get out of here too. Let women and children go first- or at least children, as we have no women.

As they dogs evacuate, Jerome is shot in the back leg. At Jerome’s instruction, Ken and Kagetora take Weed away.

As the humans close in on Jerome, he jumps off the cliff into yet another convenient river.

Weed: Jerome! You can’t die yet- not when we haven’t even gathered the 108 stars and received the stone tablet!

Oh no, looks like it’s a cliffhanger; next episode- hot springs!

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