Fate/Stay Night: Shirou Harem Diaries Part One

Ever wondered just what Shirou’s motivations really were for entering the Holy Grail War? It was never about justice or protecting the weak- all he wanted was to build the perfect harem. Now, for the first time, we can begin to reveal Shirou’s innermost thoughts on the events that befell him…

Entry 01
My name is Emiya Shirou, a fairly average high school student with a small but stable harem. Between Sakura (childhood friend, schoolmate and cook) and Taiga-sensei (the older woman), most of my needs are catered for, and yet I can’t help but feel that something is missing from my life. Perhaps the only way to be truly satisfied is to gather more women to my side- but where to start?

Entry 02
Although I was pretty sure that my status as the main character made me invincible, I had a bit of a shock today when some weird guy dressed in blue ran me through. Fortunately, a mysterious benefactor (thank you, and if you’re female, would you consider joining my harem) revived me, and my brief time on the other side was akin to a revelation from god- I saw the clear path required to create the ultimate harem.

On that note, I have to say that the first steps went well without my even having to do much- admittedly I ended up being chased by that blue guy again, but as if from nowhere, a woman called Saber appeared and fought him off. Somehow, she already knows my preferences, and has begun addressing me as Master.

Entry 03
I have added another name to my list of potential candidates- classmate Rin Tohsaka. As a skilled and intelligent magic user, she will be a worthy addition to my harem; of course there is the unfortunate matter of that guy called Archer who’s always hanging around her, but as it seems that she can make him invisible, I don’t anticipate him being too much of a problem.

The most important news of the night, however, is this- according to some exposition guy at the church, I have been chosen to take part in the harem wars! Apparently there are seven pairs of servants and masters, and my job is to get the rival men out of the way so that all the women are free to join my harem. Oh, and there was some mention of a Holy Grail War too, but I’ll leave all that complicated stuff to Rin.

Entry 04
I had something of an unfortunate encounter the other night- dearest Saber was attacked by some big hulk called Berserker. I feared for her safety, but fortunately death does not appear to be switched on yet, so his master got bored and called him off. I am sure Berserker’s master is the kind of girl I’m supposed to be collecting in the harem wars (she’ll fill the loli role nicely) but I can concentrate on that later- for now, Saber and Rin must be my prime concerns.

Of course, I haven’t forgotten about my initial harem members, and since integrating all four women into one unit may prove tricky, I’ve decided to take it slowly. Nonetheless, I can’t have dearest Saber skulking around outside when I need her by my side, and so regardless of the consequences, I must move her into the main house.

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