Dicemasters: Introduction

Welcome to the world of Dicemasters! The game of Dicemasters has taken the world by storm, but what only a few of its many players know is that Dicemasters is more than a simple pastime- scattered amongst the hundreds of normal trading dice are a handful of super powerful pieces known as DESTINED DICE. Anyone with the power to wield a DESTINED DIE can unlock ancient, mystical powers, and it is said that the one who collects them all will have the power to make all their dreams come true. And so it is that those DESTINED few, the Dice Masters, devote all their energies into collecting the DESTINED DICE. What follows is a guide to the first story arc of Dicemasters, that is to say, episodes 1-500.

Dice Masters, Master of the Dice!
Dice Masters, Master of the Dice!
I’m saving the world, through the power of DESTINY!
My friends by my side!

Dice Masters, Master of the Dice!
Dice Masters, Master of the Dice!
It could be win or lose, it all depends on the roll of the dice!

As you’ll see from this list, each character has a subtly dice-related name suited to their role in the Dice World.

Chip Roller: The spiky-haired protagonist of our tale, Chip Roller may be a beginner at the game, but when he takes out his horribly unbalanced dice-deck and the DESTINED DICE of Fire that his father left him, all the skill and training in the world can’t defeat him! Supported by the twin powers of FRIENDSHIP and DESTINY, Chip is trying to collect the DESTINED DICE so that he can save the world and find the father who abandoned him over a decade ago.

Chuck Roller: Chip’s father, this Dice Master had no qualms about leaving his wife and son behind in order to pursue the mystery of the DESTINED DICE. Rumours suggest that he managed to use the DESTINED DICE to open the gate to the Dice World, where the monsters and magic summoned by the dice are real.

Pip Tetrad: Chip’s hot-headed best friend, Pip was once a street punk all too ready to get into a fight until Chip showed him the power of FRIENDSHIP. Although he spends most episodes cheering and trash-talking from the sidelines, Pip considers himself a Dice Player. With luck on his side, Pip manages to scrape wins for most of his duels, but only when Chip coaches him from the sidelines.

Felicity “Flick” Cubis: Chip’s closest female friend, Flick is an energetic young woman with unrequited feelings for the completely oblivious Chip. Although she possesses the DESTINED DICE of Healing, she seems completely unable to use it or even play Dicemasters, and thus spends most of her time cheering from the sidelines as the power of FRIENDSHIP demands.

Ace die Master: The son of the rich and prestigious die Master family, Ace has been trained almost from birth in the game of Dicemasters, even inheriting the family DESTINED DICE of Dragons. After losing to Chip in the first episode, Ace declared himself Chip’s greatest rival, and spent weeks in training in the holographic simulators even though all the skill in the world cannot defeat Chip’s twin powers of FRIENDSHIP and DESTINY. A loner by nature, Ace usually works for his own ends, although he does often end up helping Chip against the other villains, based on the reasoning that only Ace himself is entitled to defeat the main character.

Snake Eyes: A long-haired bishounen, Snake is the main villain of arc one, the owner of the DESTINED DICE of Darkness who seeks to take over the world. Despite being a formidable Dice Master, he prefers to sit in his castle of DOOM and send out inferior minions to challenge the heroes and give them much needed practice. His hobbies include berating underlings and laughing maniacally as he outlines his plans in detail.

One: The first and ugliest enemy of the Dice Island arc, One is a monosyllabic idiot who is easily defeated in under ten episodes. He uses a Rock Guardian dice-deck.

Two: A hot-headed guy not unlike Pip, Two led the life of a delinquent until he was taken under Snake’s wing. After a testosterone laden match with Pip, they admit it was all in good fun and Two joins the cheerleaders on the sidelines. He uses an Assault type dice-deck.

Three: An attractive and alluring young woman, Three has a reputation for crushing men both on and off the playing field. You wouldn’t know it from her onscreen appearances though, as storyline necessity usually means that she gets defeated, either by the power of FRIENDSHIP, or by more serious villains in later arcs. She uses a Sorceress type dice-deck.

Four: A pre-teen computer whiz and all-round genius, Four is one of those precocious kids who make you want to slap them in the face every time they open their mouth. Needless to say, he quickly riles Pip up by predicting his every move, but even genius is no match for sheer dumb luck. Four uses a Mechanical type dice-deck.

Five: A semi-unhinged, gender indeterminate character, Five lives only to make his victims suffer as long as possible- on the dice field, that is! He enjoys toying with his opponents, which ironically gives them to time to think up ways to effect a comeback and steal victory. Five uses a Blade type dice-deck.

Six: Although the visor he wears completely obscures his identity, Six bears a striking resemblance to Ace’s long-lost younger brother, Deuce die Master. Snake’s protégé, Six has apparently lost all memories of his former life, and fights with a ferocious intensity for his mentor. He wields the DESTINED DICE of Lightning.

Next time: the exciting and unpredictable synopsis of arc one!

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