Fate/Stay Night: Shirou Harem Diaries Part Three

Entry 09
I’ve been having some problems with Saber lately- I thought the Servant-Master bond was a clear indication of our relative status, but last night she disobeyed my orders to go and fight another Servant. Admittedly, it was a male standing in the way of a potential interesting female witch at the local shrine, but even so, she should realise that as a woman her goal is to service me. From now on, if there is any fighting to be done, the experienced swordswoman must stand back so that a man can do the work.

Entry 10
There are some days when everything goes perfectly, and this, surely, was one of them. This morning, I enjoyed a brisk refreshing workout with Saber; okay, so my fighting skills aren’t great, but I can still rely on my status as the main character to see me through. Then, whilst out on my shopping trip, I ran into Ilya (minus Berserker)- she certainly seems to have warmed up to me, so once I get her Servant out of the way there shouldn’t be any further obstacles to adding her to the harem. I even had some time left over to learn about reinforcement sorcery from Rin.

Entry 11
I’ve reluctantly come to realise that I really do need Saber to fight for me- I only hope that she won’t get too damaged or exhausted. Equally unfortunate is that she had to fight against Rider- I was really hoping to just get Shinji out of the way and absorb Rider into my harem, but it’s proving more difficult than anticipated.

Entry 12
I have bad news to report- today marks my first major setback on the road to harem perfection. Rider is dead, and Saber is dreadfully weakened through use of her Noble Phantasm. I have gambled and lost out quite seriously; my only hope is that dear Rin knows a way to recover Saber so that we can set out to pursue Ilya.

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