Fate/Stay Night: Shirou Harem Diaries Part Four

Entry 13
Events seem to be spiralling even further out of my control- whilst my dear Saber remains on the verge of disappearing unless I can replenish her mana, I got a very nasty surprise today when Ilya captured me. Of course, I’ve been wondering how to get closer to her, but she seems to expect me to become her Servant! Once again, I am reminded of how women need to learn their place.

Entry 14
I should have known my dedicated harem wouldn’t leave me in Ilya’s clutches for long; as to be expected, jealousy moved them to come and save me. On the way out, Archer sacrificed himself to stall Ilya and Berserker which is doubly beneficial as it puts Rin fully under my control, and gets rid of a minor annoyance without any further action on my part.

Entry 15
With my own safety assured, I have finally been able to turn my attention to restoring Saber. I have long hoped for the chance to enter Saber and perhaps even enjoy a threesome with Rin, and finally my wish has been granted- although I did have to settle for some light foreplay and more of a spiritual ‘entrance’ than I had anticipated.

Nonetheless, thanks to my incredible powers, Saber is back on her feet, and I have begun to enact my next plan- that of removing Berserker so that Ilya can finally come over to my harem. Dearest Ilya, I know that this is what you want too.

Entry 16
At long last my dreams have come true- Ilya has willingly joined the harem, and she even seems content to sleep in my bed. I had to ensure the other girls didn’t feel threatened, but in the end they all realised that having to share me was better than having no Shirou at all. Anyway, to briefly go over the details- that presumptuous Berserker was trying to grope my dear Rin, and so Saber and I were forced to use the powers of plot convenience to create a sword and deplete him of his remaining lives.

Also of note is the fact that Saber finally seems to be making more of an effort to please me, although she does worry too much. For example, I really don’t mind about her muscular body; it just means that she has the stamina for those long nights. I have even begun having dreams about Saber’s past, a sure indication that we are getting closer.

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