What Night Head Genesis is really about


“Put your foot down, brother, we need to make it to the nearest love motel!”
There I was, falling asleep to the third episode of Night Head Genesis, when suddenly an epiphany struck me. The series was not meant to be a sci-fi tale of boys with psychic powers after all; rather, it is a promotional video for HARD GAY.

Once you open your eyes to this perspective, everything about the series begins to make a lot more sense- even the title takes on a newer, more suggestive meaning. NHG is clearly intended to chronicle the HARD GAY development of the incestuous leads- dominant Naoto and submissive Naoya- as they learn the myriad evils of women and strengthen their mutual bond.

Our story begins as the two boys are separated from their parents and taken to a strange facility in the middle of nowhere; with a barrier preventing their escape and unfriendly scientists all around, they only have each other to turn to. Even at this early stage, women are shown to be inferior; take, for example, the female scientist who brings the boys tea whilst whimpering and begging that they do not hurt her.

With the passage of some fifteen years, the barrier entrapping the brothers finally disappears, and their adventures in the wider world can begin. Each step into this new environment further exposes the evils of females; in episode two, they enter a seedy bar populated by ugly men and the woman who has shamelessly slept with them all- a dark and sordid world compared to their pure HARD GAY love.

These are just warm-ups compared to the arc that begins in episode three, a storyline that truly highlights the heinousness of the so-called ‘fairer sex’. Thanks to his telepathic abilities, poor Naoya begins to have visions into the life of a cruel dominatrix; accompanied by her submissive male doormat, she indulges in sadistic acts with young girls before killing them off. This arc seems set to become a turning point in the series- instead of enduring the evils of women, Naoto and Naoya will surely start fighting back, carving out a path of HARD GAY in the female-infested wilderness.


Given how much the series has accomplished in just three episodes, it seems certain that it will achieve much more in the weeks to come. Perhaps in the future, those who are unsure or uncertain about the path of HARD GAY will be able to turn to NHG for guidance.

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