Meine Liebe Wieder parody: episode five


Camus is feeling ill.

Orphe: Camus, what’s wrong?

Camus: My Otome-sense is tingling- something has happened to Ed!

Orphe: Not my beloved Ed.

Braunschweig enters.

Braunschweig: Has anyone seen Ed? I’ve randomly come all the way from mansion to find him!

Orphe: But…he went to find you! He thought you’d accused him of eating the last chocolate biscuit!

Braunschweig: I never said any such thing! Something is wrong here. Come on, Orphe, let’s go.

Cut to Braunschweig and Orphe on the train.

Braunschweig: Orphe, I’m so ashamed of the example I set for Ed- all this time, I’ve been sleeping with women of all things. I tried to make amends by sending his sister away, but it really wasn’t enough. I’m just so glad that you made friends with him and showed him what it means to be HARD GAY.

Orphe: For me, there is no greater pleasure than to have Ed at my side, ready to service me whenever I need it.

Cut to Camus and Elmunt.

Elmunt: Camus, there’s something I need to discuss with you. You’re an Otome like me, aren’t you?

Camus: I, er…

Elmunt: It’s okay, I saw your Mystic Rose Quartz gem in the greenhouse the other day. And look, I have the Dull Brown Rock! We can be Otome together!

Camus: Elmunt, you don’t understand- I can’t leave Lui and the inner circle.

Elmunt: But, Camus…I’ve loved you from afar for so long, and I thought now that I was a Strahl candidate, we could be together!

Camus: I’m sorry…

Cut to the Braunschweig mansion, Ed has made it home to his stepmother.

Ed: Hello, mother.

Stepmother: Ed! You’re still alive!

Ed: Mother, what are you saying?

Stepmother: Don’t you get it, yet, you stupid child? I don’t want you, some illegitimate son, inheriting the Braunschweig name and estate. They belong to my daughters!


Ed: But Mother, all I ever wanted was for you to smile at me…

Stepmother: You fool!

Evil stepmother draws a gun!

Stepmother: If you want something done right, do it yourself!

Stepmother hesitates just long enough for Orphe and Braunschweig to arrive and disarm her.

Braunschweig: Darling, what’s going on?

Stepmother: I…Ed…

Ed: Don’t worry about it. I know you’ve hated me all these years, you wanted to hurt my sister, you conspired against me last season, and now you’ve even tried to kill me, but what the hell- we’re family, and that’s all that matters.

Stepmother: Ed…


Evil stepmother sheds a tear!

Cut to Beruze and Isaac.

Beruze: Isaac, you of all people should understand my situation. Never bishie enough to join the inner circle, always forced to look in from the outside.

Isaac: While it’s true I longed to be part of that inner circle, I could never be as EVILZ as you. I may follow orders now, but you must know that by the end of the season I will follow my heart and prevent you from destroying my beloved Orphe.

To be continued…

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