Meine Liebe Wieder parody: episode eight


Flashback to Naoji’s childhood. He is crying outside when his mother comes out to find him.

Mother: What’s wrong, Naoji?

Naoji: Father beat me again. I just can’t seem to perform well enough for him.

Forward to the present. Nicholas, Elmunt and Daniel are talking to random students.

Nicholas: And I say to you nameless characters, give up your hopes of being allowed into the inner circle and join my heterosexual movement!

The inner circle (minus Lui) and Gerald approach.

Gerald: What’s going on here?

Nicholas: Nothing.

The crowd disperses. Elmunt winks at Camus, who sighs.

Ed: Looks like someone’s in love.

Orphe: Camus, don’t let Lui know you have a new boyfriend. I don’t think he’d approve of someone as un-bishie as Elmunt.


Naoji is practising archery. His aim is off, whereas Daniel (who randomly shows up from nowhere) easily hits the target.

Daniel: Your skills are nothing compared to mine, Naoji…see my HiME powers in action.

Ludwig takes everyone to the Liechtenstein mansion to see his mother.

Ludwig: My mother’s been terribly upset ever since she found out I was gay. I need everyone to be on their best behaviour so that she will approve of my choice in lovers.

Everyone introduces themselves to Ludwig’s mother, but she runs out in tears when Ed starts playing the piano.

Ed: I didn’t think it was that bad.

Ludwig: Okay, I admit it wasn’t all about my being gay- her older brother Duke Halbert was executed last week. Naoji, you go and cheer her up.

Naoji: But she’s your mother.

Ludwig: Naoji, if you don’t obey me I won’t let you wear your favourite butler’s uniform next time.


Naoji rushes to obey. He finds Ludwig’s mother outside.

Mother: Naoji, you’re such a kind person.

Naoji: Since I can’t really tell women apart, you remind me of my mother.

Cut to Ludwig and Naoji a short while later.

Ludwig: Thank you, Naoji- you know I always appreciate your efforts.

Naoji: Thank you, Lui- just to be beside you is enough for me.

Cut to Orphe and Naoji standing by a lake.

Orphe: Naoji, I know I spend most of my time with Ed, but I want you to know that you are just as important to me.

Naoji (to himself): Orphe, Lui…which one do I love more?

Coming soon- Cakeville Stories!

Good news, fans! Your favourite series, formerly known as Meine Liebe, has just been licensed by 4Kids Entertainment! And to make the series more accessible to average Americans such as ourselves, we’ve completely retooled the series and taken out all those crazy Notamerican references! So sit back, relax, and have a groovin’ time with the gang in the newly renamed Cakeville Stories!

In the average American town of Cakeville, the Mayor rules with a firm but fair hand. His town council, the Sun Council, is comprised of handpicked graduates from the town’s prestigious school, Rose Academy. Follow the adventures of the Rose Academy seniors as they struggle to become members of the Sun Council!

Dub names guide
Orpherus Furst von Marmelade Nahe Gorz (Orphe) -> Oscar Grossman

Eduard Markgraf von Sekt Braunschweig -> Eddy Brown

Naoji Ishisizuki -> Nathan Ishtar (from a town in the east)

Ludwig Herzog von mon Nahe Liechtenstein -> Lewis Johnston

Camus Pfalzgraf von Silvaner Luneburg -> Charles Moonberg

Bartholomew -> Principal Barty

Beruze -> Bert

Josef Torger -> Joseph Torchman

Gerald -> Jerry

Worried about guns and swords? Never fear, guns are now “stun lasers” and all swords are made of plastic (the dub dialogue will emphasise this). Churches and religious symbols will be replaced with inoffensive square blocks (at least until the Worshippers of the Holy Tetragon file complaints). Blood will be digitally painted out and deaths will be replaced with mysterious disappearances.

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