.hack//Roots 18: the altar of HARD GAY

Haseo was doing so well in rehab that he’d even started to get over Ovan- but then Taihaku showed up. The kind of experienced older man that Haseo was hoping for, Taihaku soon leads him down the dark path after showing him the altar of HARD GAY.

Despite his intention to remain clean, Haseo ends up sampling one of Taihaku’s “specials”.

Tabby and Phyllo realise that they cannot do anything for Haseo

With the help of one his ‘specials’ to open his mind, Taihaku prays for a reward at the altar of HARD GAY.

Later on, Taihaku wonders if the purple fins were a bit too much.

Haseo is shocked to find that someone has discovered his secret stash of adult tapes.


Haseo makes his own trip to the altar of HARD GAY, but is found unworthy due to his lingering feelings for Shino

Pai reports that profits are up by 50% ever since they started selling HARD GAY videos

The aftereffects of his trip leave Haseo in bad shape

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