Meine Liebe Wieder parody: episode nine


Bernard is playing the Harmonium and recalling his past break-up with Beruze. Cut to Isaac and Beruze.

Beruze: Isaac, you truly are the man for me. Bernard was never this good.

Isaac: Beruze, you have shown me far more than the inner circle ever could have.

Isaac steps outside for a cigarette after sleeping with Beruze. An image of his sister flashes into his mind.

Isaac: Pah, women, what need do I have for them?

Soldiers arrive at Rosenstolz and the nearby town. One of them reads a royal proclamation.

Soldier: By royal proclamation, we are here to take Ludwig Liechtenstein into custody. The king has decided that his bishie rating is threateningly high, and that he must be incarcerated to stop the spread of homosexuality throughout the country.

Inside, the inner circle is with Lui.


Orphe: What are you going to do, Lui? The inner circle can’t continue without you!

Camus: Don’t leave me, Lui! I’m sorry about the whole Elmunt thing- you’ll always be my number one!

Ludwig: Very well, then, let us escape through the tunnels conveniently located under the school.

Meanwhile, the teachers are searching for Ludwig.

Bernard: Where is Ludwig?

Daniel: He’s in his room. (to himself) If I get rid of the bishie leads, nothing will stand in the way of my becoming a main character!

Fortunately for the plot, Lui and the others have already escaped via the first tunnel, only to run into Nicholas and Elmunt!

Orphe: Nicholas, Elmunt! What an unexpected plot twist!


Camus: Dear Elmunt, you wouldn’t turn us in, would you?

Nicholas: Don’t worry, even though I’ve shown no signs of liking you before, I’m going to help all of you. Here’s another conveniently placed tunnel you can use to get into town, then you can stay at Daniel’s house.

Orphe: Daniel? Isn’t he evil?

Nicholas: Oh no, that was all just an act- it’s called “character development”.

Lui and the inner circle proceed through the tunnel into town, only to be attacked by non-bishie townsfold. An exciting swordfight ensues, until Isaac shoots at Orphe.

Ed: Orphe!

Orphe avoids injury, but Ed recognises Isaac.

Ed: Isaac, you were our friend from season one, what could have happened?

Orphe: What’s wrong, Ed?

Ed: Oh, nothing.

The inner circle continues their flight, but where will they end up? Is this why Lui is in chains in the OP?

To be continued…

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