.hack//Roots 19: Touta wants some HARD GAY

Apologies for getting some names wrong first time, all should be corrected now.
Touta is the new guy in town, and he wants some HARD GAY, however first he needs to find a willing partner. Meanwhile, Wool, Cashmere and yet more new characters audition for roles in an upcoming stage show.

Touta asks Otsu if he’d be interested in some HARD GAY action

After a swift rejection, Touta moves onto Piro.

With all his early overtures ending in failure, Touta turns to Phyllo for advice on snagging a partner.

Meanwhile, Wool and Cashmere are rehearsing in preparation for their next audition.

Wool and Cashmere consider using some experimental guitars to spice up their act.

Piro and Eeta are also interested in attending the auditions; Eeta has hopes of being hired in an operatic role.

The aspiring performers meet up to share advice whilst surreptitiously checking out the competition. Realising that they do not have the time to master their experimental guitars, Wool and Cashmere sell them to Touta, who is attending the audition on Phyllo’s advice in the hopes of finding some HARD GAY.


Meanwhile, Otsu decides to make a killing by selling his collection of adult tapes.

Yata reluctantly admits that Haseo is less attractive in this new form, and begins the search for a new partner.

At an informal pre-audition meeting, Touta once again mentions HARD GAY to Otsu.

Pai is less than impressed when Touta mistakes her for a man and asks for some HARD GAY.

Pai tells Yata that she may have finally found a partner for him.

The day of the audition arrives; all the applicants are tense.

Piro and Eeta are disappointed when they are told they have failed the audition.

Wool and Cashmere are called in next; Eeta wishes them the best of luck.

Touta disrupts the audition by pestering Otsu for more HARD GAY.

The results of the audition are announced; Otsu makes the shortlist.

Touta finally finds a HARD GAY partner.

Next week
Saburou takes it upon herself to help Haseo give up the drugs once and for all.

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