Meine Liebe Wieder parody: episode ten


Isaac is angsting by himself.

Isaac: I always wanted to ‘shoot’ at Orphe, but not quite so literally! What do I do now- can I ever go back to the side of good?

Cut to Bernard’s office, where the non-bishie alliance is gathering.

Eilos: Headmaster, we are almost ready to make our move. No longer shall bishies rule the country of Kuchen and make the ugly side characters feel inferior and inadequate.

Random faculty member: Yes, but what of the students and their HARD GAY ways?

Eilos: Fear not, for I have a loyal operative amongst the students. His name is Daniel, and his Otome powers will subdue those infuriating Strahl and their bishie followers. They will even reveal the location of our greatest threat- Ludwig.

Elsewhere in the school, Orphe talks to Elmunt and Nicholas.

Orphe: Thank you for randomly turning to the side of good last week- it was a great help.

Elmunt: I would do anything for my beloved Camus- and as for Nicholas, he just isn’t developed enough to do more than whatever’s convenient to the plot.

Later, Ed, Camus and Orphe are angsting together.

Camus: Lui, I need you. Elmunt is sweet, but he doesn’t have your driving passion.

Orphe: Lui, our inner circle is incomplete without you.

Ed: Orphe… (to himself) I wish I could be the only man you wanted- how can I tell you that Isaac has betrayed you?

In the relative safety and seclusion of Daniel’s house, Naoji (in his butler’s uniform) serves Lui tea.

Lui: Ah, Naoji, I thank you for servicing me during this difficult time of exile from the men I need.

Naoji: I live to serve you, Lui.

Cut to Beruze’s office- he is talking to a random man.

Beruze: Now, Doctor, you’re absolutely sure about this?

Doctor: Yes, Beruze- you are pregnant.

Beruze: Isaac, I have you now! You will never do anything that would put our lovechild in danger!


Later that evening, Ed sneaks around town. He runs into Isaac.

Isaac: Ed!

Ed: Isaac, it’s always been hard enough for me to accept that Orphe wanted you when he already had me. Even so, I put up with it- but for you to betray my beloved is just unacceptable!

Gerald appears from nowhere.

Gerald: Ed, we should wait and see what the plot has in store.

Meanwhile, Orphe has gone to visit Lui.

Lui: Ah, Orpherus, this is a pleasant surprise.

Orphe: Lui, I’ve missed you so much and that’s all you have to say!?

Lui: Orphe, I have a confession to make….Naoji is the one I love the most.

Shocked, Orphe grabs Lui by the collar.

Orphe: Lui! How could you choose him over me?

To be continued…


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