.hack//Roots 20: Pleasure and Pain

Thanks to the Taihaku specials, Haseo has relapsed into his life of binge drinking and hard drugs. Phyllo and Tabby have done all that they can to help him, but now Saburo has committed herself to bringing him back to the straight and narrow. Can she succeed, or is Haseo a lost cause?

Haseo waits impatiently for his dealer in a back alley.

Instead of the dealer, a street gang shows up.

Annoyed at this turn of events, Haseo decides to test his new carving knife on the gang.

Touta admits to Phyllo that his night with Yata was a bit of a disappointment.

Yata is shocked to receive a letter of rejection from Touta.

Unable to get any fulfilment with so many gay men around, Pai resorts to Hyper Self Pleasure.

The giant phallic obelisk is a symbol of the services available in Mac Anu.

Tabby resolves to have one last go at getting through to Haseo.

Eeta and Piro promise to let Touta know if they come across anyone looking for HARD GAY.

Haseo is not amused when Tabby shows up and confiscates his wine bottle.

Pai tries to convince Saburo that forming a lesbian team is the only way to coexist with HARD GAY, but Saburo is more concerned with a text message from Tabby.


Saburo takes it upon herself to confront Haseo, and adopts a hard-line approach.

An unashamed and unrepentant Haseo wanders through the root town whilst in the middle of his latest binge.

Taihaku has no time for a man who can’t hold his specials, and asks Phyllo to find him a new partner.

Worried that he is in for another lecture, Haseo is initially unwilling to talk to Touta, but soon opens up when the topic of conversation turns to HARD GAY.

Next week
Haseo attempts to defeat the incarnation of his lingering feelings for women.

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