Utawarerumono parody: episode 3

Hakuoro here. Having won the affections of both Eruruu and Aruruu, I have laid the groundwork for my ultimate harem. With the villagers also securely on my side, I can begin to expand my range of influence, and hopefully meet more women…

There is an influx of refugees from other villages.

(Hakuoro: Damn, they’re all generics- not an attractive female to be found.)

That night, Hakuoro is out walking when he is attacked by Oboro.

Hakuoro: What is this? Who are you?

Oboro: As a fellow harem master, I challenge you to a duel- winner take all!

Hakuoro: Why are you bothering? I have main character immunity!

Oboro: And I have two swords!

Hakuoro: I suppose that’s to compensate for a lack of something else.

Tusukuru: Stop this male bonding at once!

Oboro takes Eruruu, Tusukuru and Hakuoro to his home, where his sickly little sister, Yuzuha, resides.

(Hakuoro: I must add this sickly girl to my harem, and perhaps Oboro’s archer friends too, once I check their gender.)

Oboro: Don’t get any ideas, Hakuoro.

Tusukuru: Now, now, Oboro, it’s good for Yuzuha to meet new people. Hakuoro, would you mind talking with her for a bit?

(Hakuoro: Excellent, the old woman is helping my cause once again. I only hope Eruruu will not get jealous.)

Hakuoro chats with Eruruu for a bit before returning home. The next day, Yuzuha takes a turn for the worse.

(Hakuoro: Oh no, I cannot lose Yuzuha so soon after finding her.)

Hakuoro: Tusukuru, please do everything you can to save her.

Tusukuru uses some special herbs to stabilise Yuzuha. Oboro decides to sneak out and steal more herbs, but manages to alert guards and get caught by samurai leader Benawi.

Benawi: You look like a strong man- would you like to be HARD GAY with me?

Oboro: I’m a certified harem master, and most certainly not gay.

Benawi: You do know Dorii and Guraa are male, right?

Oboro: My secret is out…

Benawi: Well, even though I should be capturing you, I’ll let you go and consider my offer.

Benawi leaves. The next day, Hakuoro and Aruruu find the injured Oboro in the forest.

(Hakuoro: If I assist him, perhaps he will be grateful enough to cede control of his harem to me.)

Hakuoro: Aruruu, it’s only right that we help him.

Hakuoro and Aruruu assist Oboro.

Oboro: Many thanks. Although I hated you before, I am now in your debt, and will soon grow to like you.

(Hakuoro: Excellent.)

Later, Hakuoro is back in the villages, when a carriage approaches bearing Lord Sasante. Can our hero deal with this new fat and fugly menace?

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