.hack//Roots 21: HARD GAY vs. HARD YURI

With HARD GAY slowly taking over The World:r2, the only choice remaining for female players was to join Pai’s HARD YURI team- but now, the question has arisen as to which is better. In an attempt to prove things one way or another, Yata and Pai set up a HARD GAY vs. HARD YURI death match between their chosen champions- Midori and Haseo. Meanwhile, Eeta has some shocking news for Piro, and Tabby moves onto her latest part-time job.

In case you missed it last week, here’s the HARD GAY symbol again.

Yata and Pai have been arguing over whether HARD GAY is better or worse than HARD YURI. Finally, they decide to settle things with a death match- Pai picks Midori as her champion.

Tabby meets up with Touta to discuss her new job as a trainee spy.

Yata picks Haseo as his champion, and the first round of the death match begins.

Haseo makes a strong opening by switching to his penis-sword.

Tabby meets up with her handler, Seisaku, to receive her first mission.

The battle is going strong, with both sides fighting passionately for their cause.

Elsewhere, Eeta admits to Piro that she is pregnant.

Pai immediately revokes Eeta’s HARD YURI club membership for the crime of sleeping with a man.

Pai pays a visit to Saburo to confirm her HARD YURI membership.

Saburo is all too willing to sign up for some HARD YURI.

Piro polishes the precious egg that Eeta has given birth to, whilst Eeta prepares the family home for the hatching of the new arrival.

When Piro and Eeta tell Touta the good news, he struggles to comprehend the idea of a man sleeping with a woman.

Haseo emerges victorious in the first round- 1:0 to HARD GAY.

Although he supports the side of HARD GAY, Touta tells Midori she should give it her all in the next round.

Pai is pleased to see that Midori is making Touta doubt his HARD GAY beliefs.

After completing her first mission successfully, Tabby is welcomed as a member of Touta and Seisaku’s black ops team.

Haseo is disappointed to detect the scent of women on Touta, and warns that he is jeopardising his position in the HARD GAY hierarchy.

That night, the second round of the death match begins.

Red female energy clashes directly with blue male energy.

This time around, Haseo is no match for Midori’s full power: HARD GAY 1- 1 HARD YURI. Who will win the deciding round?

Next week

The World:r2 hosts its first baseball tournament.

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