Utawarerumono parody episode 7


Hakuoro here. I have come to realise that the best way to build up and subsequently care for a sizable harem is to have one’s own country, and to that end, I have raised an army to overthrow Emperor Inkara. Since I am the main character, the war is going smoothly, and I anticipate victory in the near future…

Hakuoro’s forces fight Inkara’s generic army.

(Hakuoro: Try as you might, generics, you can never beat the skill of a named character!)


That evening, Eruruu comes to talk with Hakuoro.

(Hakuoro: This is great! The women now come to me of their own accord.)

Hakuoro: Eru, where is Aruruu?

Eruruu: Oh, I think she’s riding Mukkuru somewhere.

(Hakuoro: That damn tiger, coming between me and Aru.)

Eruruu: Hakuoro-sama, I think you should go and visit Yuzuha too.

(Eruruu: I don’t really want to share Hakuoro, but I must present myself as a kind and caring person.)

(Hakuoro: Even better- she is encouraging me to see other women.)

Hakuoro goes to visit Yuzuha; Eruruu waits outside.

(Eruruu: Is this really such a good idea? What if he comes to like Yuzuha more?)

Meanwhile, Nuwangi is busy burning villages.

Nuwangi: I am on the side of evil so I must burn everything!

Hakuoro’s forces combat Nuwangi’s forces and win. Nuwangi is captured.

Hakuoro: Eruruu, what should we do with him? I’m ready to cut his new wang off at your command.

(Eruruu: It will be more painful and humiliating to let Nuwangi live, whilst simultaneously making me look merciful and pure.)

Eruruu: We must let him go, on the proviso that he never uses his new wang again.

Nuwangi: I promise I won’t use it! Inkara has ruined it anyway!

Hakuoro’s forces proceed onwards towards to Inkara’s castle. To save time and budget, this is depicted via a Dynasty Warriors-style map. Whilst they storm the castle, Kurou goes to the dungeon to free Benawi.

Kurou: Captain, now’s our chance! We can run away and be HARD GAY somewhere.

Benawi: I’m sorry, Kurou, but my loyalty stat is needlessly high- we must stay and fight for Inkara until his inevitable defeat.

Benawi joins the battle, and fights with Hakuoro for a time before retreating. Kurou takes his place.

Benawi heads to the throne room to see Inkara.

Inkara: Ah. Benawi, didn’t I have you imprisoned last episode? Oh well, no matter, you must have escaped in order to protect me.

Benawi: I fought in your name up until just a moment ago, but now I have changed my mind. Inkara, you are just too fugly to live, and so I must kill you.

Benawi kills Inkara just as Hakuoro arrives.

Benawi: Now that I have done that, I must end my life in the pointlessly honourable way.

Benawi tries to slit his own throat, but Hakuoro stops him.

Hakuoro: You fool- you are a named and playable character! Don’t kill yourself, just join me and lead the HARD GAY division! Since I know nothing about running a country and just want to play with my harem, you’ll effectively be in charge anyway.

Benawi: Since it will get me closer to Oboro, I will accept your offer.

Hakuoro: Then let us move forward and forge the Tusukuru Empire!

In another land, an old angel dispatches Munto and Urotorii to investigate this new country. What will this mean for Hakuoro and his harem empire?

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