Utawarerumono parody episode 8


Hakuoro here. I finally have my own country, but to my disappointment, no additional women have been found. It is clear that the only way forward is to forge ties with other countries and expand my borders, in the hopes that more suitable harem members can be found…

Teoro, Sopoku, and some generic villagers decide to go back home. Hakuoro and the playable characters remain at the castle.

(Hakuoro: Teoro, you are too generic to remain here in my castle, and since Sopoku will not join my harem, she may as well go too.)

Hakuoro: Take care, we will miss you.

In short order, Urotorii, Munto, and the Onkamiyamukai delegation of winged people arrive at the castle for an audience with Hakuoro and Benawi.

Urotorii: Hakuoro-sama, we have already learned about the empire you founded a couple of days ago, and have come to establish relationships.

(Hakuoro: At last, another female for my harem! I must reel her in carefully.)

Eruruu comes in with tea.

(Hakuoro: Damn, integrating a new woman whilst keeping Eru’s relationship score high could be a challenge.)

Urotorii: Is this your wife, Hakuoro-sama?

Hakuoro: Oh, no, just a harem member, I mean, I don’t want you to think I’m not available…

(Eruruu: What is he saying? I was the first girl he met- I should be important!)

Urotorii: If it’s all right with you, I’d like to look around the castle.

(Hakuoro: This is perfect!)

Benawi: I’m sorry, the emperor has other duties to attend to.

(Hakuoro: Damn you, Benawi! Ah well, if I send Eruruu the two women can get to know each other in preparation for Urotorii’s acceptance into the harem.)

Eruruu gives Urotorii and Munto a guided tour. Meanwhile, Hakuoro attends to the paperwork of running a kingdom.


(Hakuoro: I must inscribes the names and measurements of all prospective harem members on these scrolls.)

That evening, Urotorii visits Eruruu in her room.

Urotorii: Eruruu, I saw how Hakuoro treated you earlier. I just want you to know that being in a harem isn’t everything- if you ever want some HARD YURI, just come to me.

Eruruu: Since I lived with my grandmother and sister for many years, I am already familiar with such things, but I cannot indulge again until I have got over Grandma’s death.

That night, Hakuoro is outside when he sees a black-winged girl, Kamyu.

(Hakuoro: Could it be? Two women in one day?)

Unfortunately, Kamyu vanishes, and Hakuoro returns to his room…only to find her lying on the bed.

(Hakuoro: She is already in my bed- this is proceeding even faster than I could have hoped for!)

Waking up, Kamyu runs off.

Hakuoro: Wait, don’t fell you have to go!

After meeting up with Mukkuru, Kamyu returns and tries to hide. Aruruu appears.

Aruruu: I want to sleep with Daddy.

Hakuoro: Aru, don’t think I don’t want to, but things are a bit hectic right now.

Urotorii arrives to retrieve Kamyu.

Urotorii: I apologise if my sister has given you any trouble.

Hakuoro: Oh no, I am always glad to meet new women.

Aruruu runs off.

(Hakuoro: Damn, I’m really messing this up.)

The next day, Oboro and Kurou are arguing.

Oboro: Benawi loves me more!

Kurou: I’m the faithful subordinate who has been by his side for years- how could he not love me more?

Oboro: I’m sure he’s bored with you by now! That’s why he turned to a strong young man like me!

(Hakuoro: With such HARD GAY companions, I need not worry about my harem being compromised.)

Whilst Oboro and Kurou go outside to compete for Benawi’s love, Hakuoro sneaks off to see Aruruu and Kamyu. Benawi is left to do the paperwork.

(Hakuoro: I did not take over this empire in order to sit in the throne room all day- I must check up on my harem.)

Kamyu: Aruruu doesn’t want to be friends with me.

(Hakuoro: I must work on integrating all my harem members.)

Hakuoro: Don’t worry, Kamyu, I’ll help you win her over.

Under Hakuoro’s guidance, Kamyu takes a honeycomb to Aruruu.

Aruruu: For some reason, I didn’t like you before, but with this honeycomb we are now the best of friends.

The two girls go to visit Yuzuha. Meanwhile, Benawi tries to find Hakuoro, but meets up with Oboro and a tied-up Munto instead.

Benawi: Munto, if you wanted to play bondage games, you only had to ask.

Meanwhile, Yuzuha, Aruruu and Kamyu spend a fun-filled day together.

Oboro: Yuzuha, be careful!

Benawi: Why are you still worrying about her? Aren’t you HARD GAY now?

That night, Urotorii comes to visit Eruruu again.

Urotorii: I didn’t mention this before, but I already know your grandmother, so it would be okay to be HARD YURI with me.

Urotorii comforts Eruruu.

The next day, Hakuoro sees Yuzuha, Kamyu, Aruruu and Mukkuru asleep together in the garden.

(Hakuoro: The tiger is still problematic, but I am glad to see my harem meshing together so well.)

Unfortunately, the time has come for Urotorii and Kamyu to leave.

Hakuoro: Urotorii, Kamyu, feel free to come back any time.

Urotorii: Eruruu, remember what I said- any time you tire of men, just come to me.

(Hakuoro: Tire of men? What is she talking about? Can that happen?)

The two prospective harem members leave, but can our hero win their hearts in a future episode? Find out next time.

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