Romance of the Three Kingdoms 17

To be honest, I don’t have a great deal to say about ROTK that wasn’t mentioned in my previous review, and as for parodying it- well, just how can I make it funnier than it is already? Nonetheless, it seemed a shame for such hilarity to go unseen, and so I must present the first promised guide to the excitement and adventure faced by Liu Bei in his quest for righteousness and Justice.

Falling into tricks is always a worry on the battlefield.

Oh by the way, I just came up with a great idea that will advance the plot!
Lu Bu isn’t the kind of fellow who is interested in Justice.

Mission objective: defeat Emperor’s Worries.

I didn’t like to mention it before, but are you trying to kill me? Just thought I should ask.

Killing someone all the way to death is always a worry.

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