Utawarerumono parody episode 10


Hakuoro here. Although I had not previously realised it, there is a large and extremely powerful country next to mine, who have already declared their intent to attack us. I can think of only one way to combat this threat- gathering as many harem members as possible to fight the enemy for me…

Oboro and Kurou are dispatched to a distant shoreline. They spot Karura standing in the middle of a scattering of corpses.

(Kurou: Why must I be sent out here with my rival?)

Kurou: I don’t know much about women, but do you think the Emperor would like this one?

Oboro: Just look at her design- she’s obviously an important character. And besides, it’s too wet and miserable to stay out here any longer.

Karura is taken back to the castle and imprisoned. Oboro and Kurou report in to Hakuoro, Benawi and Eruruu.

Hakuoro: How could you imprison the newcomer without showing her to me first?

Karura enters.

Karura: I shouldn’t worry about it- a couple of generics are no match for my superfurry strength.

(Hakuoro: She definitely looks like a worthy addition to the harem. I must make a good impression right from the outset.)

Hakuoro: Karura, let my teagirl and personal attendant Eruruu see to your every need.

(Eruruu: Why must I always be treated like a maid? And yet I must do what Hakuoro-sama asks or risk being thrown out of the harem.)

Eruruu: I am always happy to help.

Eruruu takes Karura away.

Oboro: Are you sure about this, ani-ja? I don’t trust that woman.

Hakuoro: Go back to your HARD GAY, Oboro, and let me worry about the women.

Back in her cell, Karura is tended to by Eruruu.

Eruruu: You needn’t worry about being sent back to Na-tunk, Karura- I’m sure Hakuoro-sama will want to keep you for his harem.

Karura: Harem? I suppose that you’re the first wife, then.

Eruruu: No, not at all! In fact, I’m even considering HARD YURI- take off your clothes and I’ll show you.

Karura removes her clothes.

Eruruu: Uh, actually, I’m not quite ready…perhaps I should help you take that chain off.

Karura: What, this thing? It’s really heavy and uncomfortable, but I just want it left where it is.

The next day, Eruruu asks for Karura to be released.

(Eruruu: Until Urotorii returns, I must rely on Karura to show me the ways of HARD YURI. It is the only option left until Hakuoro-sama is ready to pay attention to me again.)

Oboro: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I just don’t trust women!

Hakuoro: Silence, Oboro. Of course Karura must be released, as long as she doesn’t try to leave the harem, er, I mean castle.

Karura is allowed to roam the castle grounds. She spends some time playing with Eruruu and Aruruu.

Karura: Eru, Aru, life in a harem can be difficult and tedious, especially when your man is visiting his new favourite. To occupy yourself during those times, you must indulge in some HARD YURI with the other women of the harem.

Eruruu: Thank you for your advice, Karura- in fact, I must prepare your new room so that you can show me some techniques.

Karura: I prefer the cold and uncomfortable stones of my prison cell. Although a few kegs of alcohol would be most welcome to get me in the mood.

Later, Kurou is sparring against unmanned Woptars when Karura arrives.

Kurou: You look strong- fancy a duel?

Karura: Your stats are so far below mine that it wouldn’t be worth my time.

Meanwhile, Urotorii, Kamyu and Munto have returned to Tusukuru.

Munto: Why do I have to come? I never get any lines!

(Hakuoro: At last, Urotorii and Kamyu have returned to become full time members of the harem! What a great day!)

Hakuoro: I am very glad to have you all here.

Later still, Urotorii and Karura share a drink together. Eruruu secretly watches.

Urotorii: I sense in you a fellow HARD YURI spirit.

(Eruruu: Both of my HARD YURI mistresses are together- what kind of things can I learn?)

The next day, Benawi proposes letting Karura join the army.

Benawi: Her stats are high- she would be a great addition to our fighting forces.

Oboro: How can you say that? Are you betraying the brotherhood of HARD GAY?

(Kurou: I am uneasy about women, but I must back up my beloved Captain.)

Kurou: I agree with Benawi.

Oboro: Not you too, Kurou!

Karura appears.

Karura: Oboro, you may be the ultimate character in the game, but this is anime-land now, and that makes you weak. The army needs me.

(Hakuoro: I am still loath to see my women injured, but I need them to fight so that I can lurk far behind the front lines.)

Hakuoro: To test your stats before you fight enemy generics, I propose a DW style duel.

Benawi: I will be your opponent.

Benawi and Karura duel outside whilst everyone else stands around. Karura fights bravely, but manages to break several swords.


Hakuoro: That is enough- I can see your stats are high enough that I need not worry about putting you on the battlefield.

The merchant is commissioned to make Karura a new sword; a giant weapon is created that only she can lift.

Karura: What about it, boys- my sword is now bigger than yours.

(Hakuoro: What an excellent addition to my harem.)

With Karura on his side, is there anything Hakuoro cannot do? Find out next time.

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