Utawarerumono parody episode 16


Hakuoro here. Although the threat of Niwe has been erased, I am slightly worried about how easily I lost control and indulged in some brief yet intense HARD GAY with him. In order to eliminate these feelings, I have decided that I must ignore the rest of the world for a while, and spend some quality castle time with my harem…

Hakuoro wanders the ruins of the Shikeripetim capital. He sees a sword thrust into the ground.

(Hakuoro: If this is the result, I must never let myself give in to those HARD GAY impulses again.)

As a month passes, the people of Shikeripetim begin to rebuild, but the capital is left untouched.

(Hakuoro: It shall stand forever as a symbol of what I must not do.)

To take his mind off things, Hakuoro gets back to the more important matter of his harem scrolls. Eruruu brings tea.

Hakuoro: Is there something you wanted, Eruruu?

(Eruruu: I must find out if the Emperor is still interested in me, or if he is HARD GAY now.)

Eruruu: Here, let me massage your shoulders.

(Hakuoro: Yes, this feels good. I can get over HARD GAY.)

That night, however, Hakuoro dreams of Niwe again.

Niwe: Gwakakaka, even after death I can return to annoy! Hakuoro, once you have had a taste of HARD GAY, you cannot go back!

Unable to sleep after that, Hakuoro gets up and roams the castle. He meets up with Touka.

(Hakuoro: Ah, what better tonic for that dream than to have Touka by my side?)

As they wander the castle, they stumble upon Karura and Aruruu stealing from the storeroom.

(Karura: Oh no, we snuck out for some HARD YURI, and now we’ve been caught.)

They run off.

(Hakuoro: Normally, I would worry about HARD YURI, but tonight Touka must come first.)

The next day, Hakuoro sees Benawi duelling against Oboro.

Dorii: Young master, don’t tire yourself out too much, or tonight will be dull for us.

(Kurou: Hmmph, how dare Benawi spar with him so vigorously?)

(Hakuoro: Everywhere I go, HARD GAY is displayed so openly. It’s like I cannot escape it.)

Benawi wins the duel.

Benawi: Your skills have improved, but I am still the master.

Kurou: All right, HARD GAY division, let’s celebrate!

(Hakuoro: I suppose it keeps them happy, but I must not give in to it myself.)

To reassure himself, Hakuoro checks in on Kamyu, who seems oddly thirsty. Before he can comfort her, however, Urotorii arrives.

Urotorii: Come on Kamyu, let’s go back to your room.

(Urotorii: Some HARD YURI is just what my sister needs right now.)

That night, Hakuoro dreams of HARD GAY again.

The next day, the people of Shikeripetim want to return to the capital.

(Hakuoro: It would be easiest to let them rebuild, but should I let the memory of what happened be erased so easily?)

(Benawi: I wonder why no one questions how easily we defeated a country three times our size, with its overpoweringly large army.)

Later, Hakuoro goes to visit Yuzuha. Eruruu is already there, reading her a story.

Yuzuha: I wonder if I will become a star when I die, like the woman in the story.

(Eruruu: Yes, hurry up and die, Yuzuha, so that there’s less competition for me.)

Eruruu: I’m sure you’ll live a very long and full life, Yuzuha.

(Eruruu: …although if you ever seem to be recovering from your illness, I might just slip a few special herbs into your tea.)

The next day, Hakuoro and the others ride out to the ruins of the Shikeripetim capital. Hakuoro asks for some time alone.

(Hakuoro: If I can’t run away from it, I must confront the HARD GAY.)

He is soon interrupted by Eruruu.

Eruruu: What are you thinking of, Hakuoro-san?

Hakuoro: As it’s just you, Eruruu, I may as well come clean. Ever since the incident with Niwe, I’ve been struggling with HARD GAY emotions.

(Eruruu: So I was right to be worried. I guess it’s up to me to set him straight.)

Eruruu: Hakuoro-san, if this city is rebuilt, those HARD GAY feelings will pass, and you’ll be able to remember what it was you originally wanted to accomplish.

Hakuoro: Yes, yes, you’re right. In fact, I have instantly changed my mind and now want the city to be rebuilt.

Back at Hakuoro’s castle, the Shikeripetim refugees are allowed to go back home.

(Benawi: How did we fit so many in our castle in the first place?)

That night, Hakuoro sees Kamyu flying out to the lake. He goes out to watch her.

(Hakuoro: This is just the tonic to remind me why I liked women in the first place.)

Unfortunately, he is distracted by the appearance of a grizzled old warrior- Genjimaru.

Genjimaru: My name is Genjimaru. I have come to take you to my master.

(Hakuoro: Master? This is a gamble. It could be a man, or the woman I need to take my mind away from HARD GAY once and for all.)

Hakuoro: Very well, then, let’s go.

Genjimaru takes Hakuoro to meet the masked Kunnekamun emperor, Kuuya. Will Kuuya prove to be friend or foe? Find out next time.

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