Romance of the Three Kingdoms 19

These are chaotic times, chaotic times indeed. Grasping villains lurk all around, cruelly seizing power for their own selfish uses. Only one man, a single solitary beacon of Light and Justice, can possibly hope to save us from the encroaching Darkness- he is known to us mortals as Liu Bei, the Divine Crusader.

Zhang Fei enters a complicated legal battle in order to prove that he was the original creator of Lost.

Nobody wants to be taken for a fool, especially when their left eye is drooping.

If in doubt, utter “damn you!” a few times. It’s completely ineffectual, but it may help ease the frustration.

Chaos is a theme that is subtly interwoven into the series.


Zhang Fei doesn’t have the mood to make a fool of himself today.

Anyone with pretensions to good qualities would gladly lay down their life for Lord Liu Bei.

Zhang Fei tries to argue with a chicken.

Anyone can make peace, but it takes a real man to go that one step further and make a peace.

Who wouldn’t want to become a fire breathing lizard?

Liu Bei, one day you shall be our Great Lord of Justice and Light, but for now, just run away.

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