Harukanaru Toki no Naka De parody episode 1


In the land of Kyou, Akram, the leader of the demon clan, performs a ceremony to seal away the four gods that protect the land.

Akram: Excellent, I have everything I need to control this land. All that remains is to summon the one woman who could defeat me!

Meanwhile, in the real world, the heroine Akane walks to school with her first two harem members- wife-beater Tenma and shota Shimon.

Shimon: I hope I can go to high school with you two soon. I might even be able to make some more friends.

Tenma: Don’t be unrealistic, Shimon- it’s only because you’re so unpopular that I don’t see you as a threat to my relationship with Akane.

From his world, Akram calls to Akane.

Akram: Take these dragon jewels, Ryuujin no Miko, and use them to create the eight bishounen needed to oppose me.

Thanks to Akram’s word, Akane is drawn to a well, conveniently placed close by. Tenma and Shimon follow.

Tenma: Akane, what are you doing by that well? Haven’t you ever watched Inuyasha?

An apparition of Akram surges up to the well and tries to grab Akane. Tenma pulls her back.

Tenma: Oh no, you don’t! She’s mine!

Akram: Although my face is hidden by a mask, I am bishier than you! She must come with me!

As Akram prepares to attack Tenma, he tosses Akane to Shimon.

Tenma: Get her out of here! You’re the only man I can trust to touch her!

Shimon: But Tenma, you know I’m completely weak and useless!

And indeed, it is not long before all three are pulled into the well. On their way to the other world, Akane is given the eight Dragon gems.

Dragon: Akane, you are the DESTINED main character. You must save this land within 26 episodes- no more, no less.

Akane wakes up in Kyou- scared and uncertain of what is going on, she runs out into the night and somehow manages to teleport away. The seer Princess Fuji sends two bishies, Tomomasa and Yorihisa, out to find her.

Fuji: She looks like the main character! We must find her, or our roles as supporting characters are pointless!

Although it is the middle of the night, Akane runs around pointlessly, terrified of her situation. Nonetheless, she is perfectly content to approach Akram’s ox-drawn carriage when it appears out of nowhere.

Akram: Come with me, for I gave away the Dragon Jewels, and now I want them back.

Akane: You are clearly the main villain, but I will trust you.

Akane gets into Akram’s cart, but as they talk, she suddenly remembers her friends.

Akane: Oh, that’s right, I should find my friends. I have no idea where I am, but I’ll just jump off here.

At the marketplace, Shimon is being abused by generic villagers for having blonde hair and blue eyes, typical demon traits seen in two of the race’s four members.

Shimon: I’m not a demon, just a blonde shota! We have lots of them in my world!

Yorihisa comes to rescue him.

Yorihisa: Leave him alone- can’t you see he’s a main character? He’s even in the OP!

Shortly afterwards, Akane runs into the marketplace- she is suddenly worried about her friends again, causing her to release her new power.

Tomomasa approaches, but when he tries to claim her for his own, Akane’s powers go out of control.

Akane: I can’t take this, all the bishie power inside of me! I must give it to the men so that I can cheer from the sidelines!

Akane transfers Dragon Gems to Shimon and Yorihisa. As things calm down, we catch foreshadowing glimpses of some other bishies, just in case we hadn’t noticed their prominence in the OP.

Tomomasa: Okay, let’s take her back to Princess Fuji so that we can start off with some exposition next episode.

Tomomasa carries Akane home whilst Shimon and Yorihisa follow.

To be continued…

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