.hack//Roots 24: The HARD GAY challenge

Haseo has always been a conflicted man. Torn between the lure of HARD GAY and his lingering feelings for women, he threw himself into whatever was at hand in order to escape his inner turmoil- drugs, adult tapes, even a career as a movie star. Now, however, the time has come for Haseo to make the final choice- should he challenge Tri-Edge himself for the HARD GAY crown, or let Tabby persuade him to take up life as a family man?

Bordeaux gets in shape for the upcoming HARD GAY vs. HARD YURI rematch.

There is a clear mismatch between participants in the “My Weapon is Bigger than Yours” competition.

Still glued to the TV, Yata and the others are surprised to find that an all-new episode of Ovan’s Adventures is airing.

Phyllo is none too pleased to hear that Touta is still unhappy with the level of HARD GAY he has been receiving.

Saburo practises in readiness for the upcoming Olympic gymnastics team selection.

Saburo tells Tabby that she must help HARD YURI gain the advantage by tempting Haseo away from HARD GAY.

Despite Phyllo’s concerns for his wellbeing, Haseo insists that he will enter the ultimate HARD GAY challenge, and emerge victorious.

Seisaku tells Hideo that his mother will be busy for a while.

The Wang District is a popular HARD GAY gathering place.

Tabby decides to gather information about Haseo’s whereabouts from Phyllo.

Ovan finally returns to town to catch the latest HARD GAY meeting.

Despite her best efforts, Tabby is unable to dissuade Haseo from following the path of HARD GAY.

Reunited at last, Haseo arrogantly tells Ovan that he will surpass him by beating the HARD GAY challenge.

Eeta tells Touta to stop coming round and asking Piro for HARD GAY.

Haseo gloats over the fame and fortune that will be his if he completes the HARD GAY challenge.

The reigning champion, “Lightning Wang” Tri-Edge appears to face the challenger. He tries to dominate his opponent with a display of Hyper Self Pleasure.

A fierce battle begins for the HARD GAY crown.

Haseo is not yet strong enough to defeat Tri-Edge, but in consolation he is given a dose of Hyper Self Pleasure.

Yata and Kuhn are transfixed by the latest events on HARD GAY TV, but Pai wishes they would hurry up and change the channel.

Touta’s worst nightmare comes true when a woman tries to seduce him- for her part, Saburo is trying to throw him off balance in order to upset the side of HARD GAY.

Next week: the hour long finale!

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2 Responses to .hack//Roots 24: The HARD GAY challenge

  1. Anga says:

    Is it good or bad thing that your made up story is much more entertaining than the one in actual anime? (I think Tabby would be better off with her new boyfriend, Haseo is an bad example for her son. =))

  2. Karura says:

    It’s both good and bad, depending on how you look it, but maybe the best thing would be for Bandai to remake the series based on the parody version 😉

    I’m pretty sure Tabby will settle down with Seisaku soon, Haseo definitely isn’t interested in being a family man.

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