.hack//Roots 25: Who Will Tabby Choose?

Before I begin, I thought I should mention that, since my usual source for screencaps wasn’t available, I actually went to the effort of watching this episode myself. This may not sound like anything remarkable, but considering I haven’t watched episodes 15-24 in either raw or subbed form, it was quite a big step for me to risk myself firsthand in a return to the world of Roots. Will seeing what actually happened affect my take on the episode? Perhaps, but it’s too late to worry about that now.


Tabby’s love life has been far from simple, but the time has come for her to finally choose who should settle down with. With former loves Sakisaka, Shino and Grunty out of the picture, the current contenders are Seisaku, Haseo, and the ever tempting lure of HARD YURI. Can Tabby finally choose which one she wants to spend her life with, or will it all end in tears? Meanwhile, Yata and Pai get an unpleasant surprise after a particularly hefty cable bill drops through the letterbox.

Eeta shows Piro the child that hatched from their egg- a purple half-cat.

Still unable to get Haseo out of her mind, Tabby asks HARD GAY master Phyllo if he knows when the main character will be back.

Saburo and Touta meet for one of their regular debates about the relative merits of HARD GAY and HARD YURI.

Pai has some bad news for Yata- the cable bill has just arrived, and there is no way they can afford to pay it on time.

HARD GAY symbology is never far from our screens.

Seisaku tells Tabby that for the good of everyone that cares for her, she must decide who it is she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

Ovan meets with Phyllo to renew his membership in the HARD GAY inner circle. Phyllo asks for proof that he has put aside his feelings for women.

Ovan relates a time when he was about to cook the perfect chicken and rice dish in his arm.

When the memory of Shino’s disappearance disrupted his concentration and caused him to burn the meal, he realised that trusting women was a mistake.

Phyllo’s next appointment is with Touta, who just can’t seem to settle on the ideal HARD GAY partner.

Silabus and Gaspard drop by to give their best wishes to Piro and Eeta’s newborn half-cat.

Silabus and Gaspard confront Kuhn about his promise to buy them something when he next got paid.

Although Kuhn has long since forgotten about this, he quickly makes up an excuse that satisfies them both.

Tabby pays a visit to Saburo and tells her that the time has come to give up HARD YURI and settle down with the man she likes.

When Kuhn arrives to watch the latest episode of Tabby Sentai, he is disappointed to see that Yata and Pai’s cable service has been cut off. Even though the screen is now blank, however, Yata cannot pull himself away.

When Touta returns to Phyllo to demand more HARD GAY connections, Phyllo decides to deflect his most troublesome customer by pretending not to remember him.

Touta doesn’t know whether to be more annoyed about the fact that Phyllo isn’t cooperating with him, or the complete lack of colour in this scene.

Tabby tells Seisaku that even though she does care for him greatly, she can’t possibly make a life with him until she has sorted out her feelings for Haseo.

On his return, Haseo reveals that he was away at a special detox camp, where he finally completed his rehab and put the drugs away for good.

Next time

Balmung of the Azure Sky, Kite of the Azure Flame, Orca of the Azure Sea- The World’s most HARD GAY trio make an appearance.

Episode 26 parody+screencaps will be posted later today.

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